10 Of The Best Ways to Style White Shoes For Women

So excited to share 10 ways to style white shoes for women today!

Several weeks ago on Instagram I shared with you all two of my new favorite mules for fall – this pair and this pair. I especially love these white/nude mules because of how comfortable they are. They work well with narrow or wide feet and the way they’re cut gives them a lot of leeway when you walk without sliding off your feet.

One of the common questions I received after sharing these two mules was how do I style white mules in the fall/winter. So many of you liked the look of them but were unsure if you would get good wear out of them.

Well, y’all know I only buy items that can be worn multiple ways and styled with multiple outfits, so I’ve got you covered! I styled 10 outfits I thought y’all might like and I’m sharing them today.

My biggest tip for styling white shoes in the fall/winter is to just treat them like any other neutral shoe. They can stand in place of any cognac or black shoe you have.

10 Of The Best Ways To Style White Shoes For Women:

how to style white shoes

jacket | bodysuit | jeans | mules

1. Style With a Leather Jacket

I love creating monochromatic looks and this one is ideal for date night. It’s super chic and the white mules add a fun pop of femininity.

how to style white shoes

dress | mules

2. Create a Monochromatic Look

White on white is one of my favorite combos in the winter. It’s not quite winter yet, but this maxi with white mules is a classic look. If it gets cool at night add a white denim jacket or a neutral cardigan.

how to style white shoes

3. Pair With a Sweater Dress

White shoes go great with sweater dresses. This sweater dress is one of my favorites for fall and it looks so cute with these mules or white sneakers.

how to style white shoes

top | jeans (similar) | mules

4. Pair With Jeans And a Feminine Top

White mules pair so well with denim and almost any top. I paired these white shoes with one of my favorite pairs of jeans and my new favorite floral top for fall.

how to style white shoes

sweater | jeans | mules

5. Style With White Jeans And a Sweater

If you’re unsure how to style white shoes with jeans or a dress, opt for white jeans – it always helps. White jeans can be worn year round and pair so easily with almost any color sweater!

how to style white shoes

cardigan | tank | jeans | mules

6. Pair With a Long Cardigan:

I styled these white mules with a monochromatic base – black jeans and a blank tank, and then a long cardigan. I like that this cardigan is neutral in color and so ties in the shoes.

how to style white shoes

cardigan | bodysuit | jeans | mules

7. Style With Neutral Hues

Stay neutral in your outfit for an easy fall look. I paired these white mules with my favorite white jeans, my go-to bodysuit and my favorite sweater cardigan.

how to style white shoes

sweatshirt | jeans | mules

8. Pair With Tie Dye

Tie dye is a big trend right now. I love how these white mules look with white jeans and my go-to tie dye sweatshirt.

how to style white shoes

bodysuit | jeans | mules

9. Style With Ripped Denim & a White Top

Straight leg ripped denim is on trend and this $22 pair from Target is incredible. Keep your top neutral/white to tie in your white shoes.

how to style white shoes

bodysuit | jeans (similar) | mules

10. Style With Neutral Tops

I love how these white mules look with this neutral sweater bodysuit and medium wash denim.


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