the best family bucket list for fall

fall family bucket list

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Do you make a family bucket list for every season? I’d be lying if I said we did, but it’s something I’m trying to aspire to!

With each new season I always seem to have a mental list of all the activities and crafts I want to do with my girls. However, life gets crazy and busy and we rarely seem to check those items off my list.

So this year, instead of making a mental wish list, I’ve created a written list – a family bucket list – of all the items I want our family to do this fall. I hope that by writing down our list, we will be able to achieve most (or all) of the items! And truly, the purpose is not to cross things off our list, but rather to make sure that we’re making time for our family and enjoying the season with our girls.

fall family bucket list

Fall Family Bucket List:

Visit a Pumpkin Patch:

There are several pumpkin patches in the Dallas area we like to go to. The Dallas Arboretum is of course one of the best. I think the one my girls seem to be most excited about this year though is the one hosted by a sweet little church in our neighborhood. So, I anticipate we will be walking down the road to said local church to pick out some sweet little pumpkins to add to our front porch.

Carve Pumpkins:

I wish I had the patience for carving pumpkins, but I don’t. However, Travis is the pumpkin carver master. He looks forward to carving pumpkins with the girls every single year. They spend hours on our porch designing and carving and it’s one of the sweetest things for me to watch.

Jump In The Leaves:

Jumping in the leaves has to be some sort of write of passage for Fall, right? It was one of my favorite activities as a child and it’s definitely one of my girls’ favorites. It tends to happen later in the fall for us in Texas because of the weather, but we cannot wait for our first big freeze in anticipation of a giant pile of leaves to jump in!

Make Chili:

Travis make THE best chili. It’s something we look forward to eating every year, but we can’t do it until we have a legit fall weather weekend. So, we are very much looking for our first weekend night where the temps are cold and we can cozy up on the couch eating Trav’s infamous chili.

Make a Gratitude List:

Even though I want to do all the fun things with my girls, I want them to remember the reason for this season above all. I want them to really feel and acknowledge all we have to be thankful for. No matter the season of life we’re in – an easy one or a challenging one, we try our hardest to always thank God for the way he has blessed us.

I can’t wait to make a gratitude list with the girls this year!

Decorate The Front Porch:

Both of my girls love to decorate, so I am so pumped to decorate my porch with them this week with flying bats on the wall and our $7 Trader Joe’s pumpkins.

Bake Pumpkin Cookies:

Baking is such a great after school activity to do with the girls so we are excited to bake our favorite Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Have a Fire In The Fire Pit:

Several years ago we got a fire pit for the backyard and it instantly become one of the most fun activities for fall. We look forward to fire pit chats and roasting s’mores this fall!

Visit an Apple Orchard:

We’ve actually never visited an apple orchard, but it’s something I think my girls would love! This will probably be the most challenging item to check off our list, but I have faith!

Bake Treats For Neighbors:

In an effort to love our neighbors better, we are planning on baking sweet treats for all of our neighbors!

Go On a Local Hike:

We already love to hike, but there’s something about hiking when the leaves are changing. We look forward to hiking a new, local trail this fall.

Trick-Or-Treat In The Neighborhood:

Halloween night with surely look different this year because of COVID, but we look forward to dressing up for the holiday!

Family Movie Night:

Is there anything better than snuggling on a palette with popcorn for a fun family movie night in the fall? We may not watch a scary movie, but we will definitely be having fun!

Invite Friends Over For Breakfast:

We are constantly saying that we need to see our neighbors more or pour into our friends more. Weekend nights get booked up quickly and week days are crazy, so we agreed that inviting some friends or neighbors over for an easy breakfast would be a great way to invest in others!


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