The Best Clean Beauty Gift Sets For The Holidays!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Beautycounter launched their clean beauty gift sets yesterday and I’ve already started shopping!

Whether you are a clean beauty junkie like me or just love makeup, these clean beauty gift sets are ideal for so many reasons. Selfishly, I love these gift sets because it allows me to stock up on some of my favorite products at a discounted price. The Overnight Resurfacing Peel is one of my top two favorite Beautycounter products and this year it’s part of a duo with my Vitamin C Serum. I grabbed this set quick because I know I’ll use it!

The other reason I loving shopping the gift sets is because they’re great for gifting to others! Not only are they great to give as gifts, but so many of the gift sets can be divided up and gifted to multiple people. Or, if you have a friend that loves her clean beauty, these sets are perfect for easy gifting!

Clean Beauty Gift Sets:

beautycounter clean beauty sets

The Jellies – Shimmers:

Are these Jellies not the cutest little lip glosses? The great thing about these jellies is that they are all sheer and so they layer well over almost any color!

Gift or Keep: I’m sure I’ll end up keeping one, but for the most part I plan on using these jellies as stocking stuffers this year for my girls. They love wearing pretend makeup and the sheer colors are perfect for the days they want to play dress up.

Beyond Gloss Trio:

If you haven’t tried one of these glosses, you need to ASAP. They add the perfect amount of shimmer to any lipstick color and the best part? They aren’t stick at all!

Gift or Keep: Gift for sure! These glosses are amazing and every girl should have one. Pair with a bottle of rose and a blush pink candle and you have the perfect gift for your girlfriend!

beautycounter clean beauty sets

Bright Side Duo:

This might be one of the best gift sets of all the holiday sets. The Overnight Resurfacing Peel + Vitamin C Serum is a power duo. I use the peel every other night and it has drastically changed my face over the past year – minimizing my pores and leaving my skin smoother and more radiant.

If you’re ever interested in trying out Beautycounter, I recommend getting the Overnight Resurfacing Peel as the first product you try. You’ll become obsessed!

I’ve talked a lot about this Vitamin C Serum, but it’s quickly become a new favorite since it’s launch this year. I feel like I’ve tried every vitamin c serum under the sun and this one has worked the best to keep my dark spots from melasma at bay.

Gift or Keep: This one I’ll be keeping for myself! I use both of these products almost every single day.

beautycounter clean beauty sets

Polish & Protect Lip Duo:

I, like so many people, get the worst chapped lips in winter! I’ve tried several different brands of lip conditioners and every chapstick under the sun, but it wasn’t until I started using this conditioner at night that I saw a big difference. This lip duo combines both an exfoliant and a balm to moisturize your lips.

Gift or Keep: I will most definitely be keeping this duo!

beautycounter clean beauty sets

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio:

Do you use hand cream regularly in the winter? I know I do! I also know that with how often we are all washing our hands and using hand sanitizer, we can all use some quality hand cream!

Gift or Keep: Both! I plan on keeping one of these for myself (I always use hand cream at night), and then putting one in a holiday gift basket for my mom and sister! It’s the perfect size to put in a stocking or add to a gift basket.


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