september capsule wardrobe: the best pieces to wear now and into fall

It may be hot still here in Texas, but I am more than ready for a fall-themed September capsule wardrobe!

After what seemed like the summer that lasted for 6 months, I am more than ready for all things fall. I’m ready for fall candles, jeans, booties, and all things pumpkin.

So, What’s In This Month’s Capsule Wardrobe?

As y’all know, I wear white all year long. People used to say that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but that fashion faux pas was busted years ago. You can most definitely wear white all year long and I think it’s especially fine in places like Texas where it is still in the 90s in September. So, plan on seeing some white in this month’s capsule.

This month’s capsule directly reflects my life and all the feeling I’m feeling.

This month I headed back to work as a part-time speech pathologist, so there are some pieces like my black jeans that I included as they are work appropriate. I also think the sweater blazer will work for most occupations.

After what seems like 6 months of wearing workout leggings, this mama is ready to feel fun and flirty again! So, I included several dresses to liven things up a bit!

Even though work is resuming and dresses are catching my eye right now, things are still way more casual than normal (thanks, COVID). For that very reason I have included some super casual pieces like the leopard duster, my favorite biker shorts, and these neutral sneakers.

fleurdille september capsule wardrobe


September Capsule Wardrobe:

Cut Out Booties: I got these cut-out booties last fall and wore them all the way until summer. They are crazy comfortable and seriously go with everything. They’re also a good bootie option for warmer weather as your foot can breathe easily. I originally wanted the Free People booties, but then I found these dupes from Target and they’re just as good!

Sneakers: These sneakers are another great wear with everything shoe. I wanted to include a sneaker in September’s capsule because let’s be honest, even if we’re adding some workwear back into our wardrobes, our clothes are still more on the casual side. I love this pair not only for their comfort, but because they really do go with everything.

White Mules: These mules are perfect to end summer on and then wear into Fall. I got them last year and wore them nonstop. Even with a narrow foot they fit so well because you can adjust the width with the strap. I love these too because For a lot of people September can be warm and these mules just add a certain brightness to your wardrobe.

White Dress: No white after Labor Day? Please! Who could resist this dress? Puff sleeve are really big this season and these dress is both flirty and on-trend for Fall. If you’re not a fan of white, it comes in black, too!

Nude Tee Dress: This dress is the definition of “casual cute.” I wanted to be sure to include a dress that you could lounge in and wear with sneakers or dress up with a duster or denim jacket and booties. This dress fit the bill and it comes in so many colors.

Black Tiered Dress: This might be my favorite dress in this capsule. It’s so crazy affordable and it’s incredibly flattering. Stay true to your size and style it a number of ways for Fall!

Yellow Tiered Dress: I’m not a huge fan of color or yellow for that matter, but this dress won me over the second I laid eyes on it. The color screams fall and it’s incredibly versatile. You can easily wear it as is when it’s hot or you can layer it under a denim jacket on cooler nights.

Leopard Duster: This was a splurge (still affordable though) and I 100% recommend it. It is easily styled over biker shorts (as pictured in the collage) for a casual look, or pair with black jeans and a cute tank for date night. Stay TTS and be prepared to be wowed by how soft it is!

Leopard Sleeveless Blouse: A fall wardrobe can never have too much leopard print in my opinion. I love this simple top and think it will look amazing on any skin tone!

Black Bodysuit: This bodysuit is so amazing y’all. It’s a perfect dupe of the Free People one and yet the quality is just as good!

Black Vneck Tank: I have had this tank for almost a year and it’s still a favorite. It’s very soft and incredibly flattering.

White Vneck Bodysuit: I got this bodysuit last year and was surprised at how much I wore it. It’s such a great layering piece for fall!

Sweater Blazer: If you get ONE item from my September capsule wardrobe, it needs to be this blazer. It’s hands down one of my top 5 pieces in all of my wardrobe. It goes so well with everything and it’s comfortable to boot!

Black Jeans: I included a pair of black jeans in this capsule for all my teachers going back to work. Black jeans make a great workwear pant option and they are perfect for date night!

Black Biker Shorts: You guys have seen me wear these bikers the last few months and be prepared to see them on into September. I love this specific pair because you can dress them casually so easily and you can workout in them!

Light Denim: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to introduce jeans back into my wardrobe; It’s been awhile… I love this pair of cropped ripped denim and think the lighter wash works well for a month that is still pretty warm.

White Denim: I debating keeping white denim in this capsule wardrobe, but ultimately decided to include them. I often wear white denim to work and plan on wearing them all September long as it’s still crazy warm here!

Black Jumpsuit: I wouldn’t be surprised if this jumpsuit was in several more capsules. It’s insanely versatile and one of the easiest pieces to layer over. Plus, the neckline is crazy flattering for all body types.

Outfit Ideas:

  1. Black biker shorts, black tank, leopard cardigan.
  2. Black jeans, black bodysuit, sweater blazer.
  3. White dress, white mules.
  4. White dress, cut out booties.
  5. White dress, white sneakers, denim jacket tied around your waist.
  6. White jeans, white bodysuit, sweater blazer.
  7. Light denim, white bodysuit, sneaksers.
  8. Light denim, white bodysuit, leopard cardigan, black booties or white mules.
  9. Light denim, leopard top, cut out booties.
  10. Black jeans, leopard top, sweater blazer.
  11. Black dress, white mules.
  12. Black dress, cut out booties, denim jacket or sweater blazer.
  13. Black jumpsuit, leopard cardigan, black slides.
  14. Black jumpsuit, white mules.
  15. Black jumpsuit, cut out booties, sweater blazer.
  16. Black biker shorts, black tank, Sweater blazer.
  17. Yellow dress, white mules.
  18. Yellow dress, cut out booties, denim jacket.
  19. Yellow dress, white sneakers.
  20. Tee dress, white sneakers.
  21. Tee dress, cut out booties, sweater blazer.
  22. Black jeans, white bodysuit, white mules.
  23. Black jeans, black bodysuit, cut out booties.
  24. Tee dress knotted over light denim.
  25. White denim, black tank.
  26. White denim, leopard top, white mules.
  27. Light denim, black bodysuit, black booties or black pumps.
  28. White jeans, black bodysuit, leopard cardigan.
  29. White jeans, white bodysuit, white sneakers.
  30. Black jeans, leopard top, sweater blazer.

Repeat Offenders:

Fall Accessory Staples:

  • Brown Tote: Finding a tote I can carry all season long is essential. I love this tote because it can be carried as a catch-all mom purse or a work bag.
  • Statement Bag: I love having a statement bag I can wear for date night or girls’ night out and love how chic and simple this bag is.
  • Fedora: Fedoras scream fall, right? I got this one from Amazon last year and plan on wearing it again. I’ve also been eyeing this one. Y’all know I’m obsessed with Brixton hats.

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