My Top 5 Amazon Purchases From August

Sharing my top 5 amazon purchases from each month has quickly become of my favorite posts!

It’s no secret that we all shop on Amazon for all the things, but I feel like our reliability on Amazon has increased so much due to COVID. We are getting out to do things like grocery shop or pop into Target, but if it’s something I can get on Prime, I absolutely choose that option.

The one thing we haven’t tried yet is Amazon Fresh. We’ve had so many friends rave about how easy it is and how quickly you get your grocery delivery that we may try it out this month! Do you use Amazon Fresh?

top amazon purchases august

Top 5 Amazon Purchases from August:

Before I go into my top 5 purchases, I did want to share the one purchase I got for my girls that has been great! I wanted to get Emma Grace some noise canceling headphones that she could talk into for her ZOOM calls. Even though these headphones are technically “noise canceling,” they are drown out peripheral sounds & they’re only $15!! I highly recommend these for your littles!

Neck & Shoulder Massager:

Y’all, if you get one thing from today’s post it should absolutely be this massager. My friends got it and they raved about it so much that we had to get it. It’s only $30 and it’s the perfect way to release tension at the end of the day. There are several different speeds, different ways it massages, and it can heat up! It’s a God-send!

The best part about this massager too is that it has an adapter for the car! Great, right? We are 100% planning on taking it on road trips with us from now on.

Vneck Dress:

I had my eye on this $24 dress last Spring, but never bought it. I did however grab it for this Fall. I think it’s the perfect LBD for fall and looks so dang cute with booties! The top layer is double lined and the bottom part is not. While I didn’t think it was see through, I still wore biker shorts underneath (couldn’t find my slip) just in case!

Double Layer Running Shorts:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably caught onto the fact that for the most part I wear leggings or biker shorts when I work out (long walks or strength training). I’m crazy picky about my shorts!

I do however, like to wear loose shorts when I run, but have trouble finding a pair that fits me well. I like my shorts to be soft, high waisted, and not skin tight. I have one pair from Fabletics, but needed another pair. This pair from Amazon truly lives up the the hype of it’s reviews.

The waist band lays gently on your midsection and it’s high waisted. The double layer prevents your legs from rubbing or your shorts from riding up. They are crazy comfortable and I highly recommend them!

6-pack Makeup Remover Towels:

Ever since we got married we’ve had white towels and wash cloths. We replace them pretty frequently, but my wash cloths don’t hold up as long as my towels. Ever since I started using a charcoal face mask religiously, I’ve started to ruin my wash cloths. I was sick of buying new ones, so I looked for a better solution.

I originally was going to buy plain black wash cloths and then have “makeup” monogrammed on them, but instead I found this 6-pack of makeup remover towels already monogrammed! They’re perfect! I use them to remove my makeup and take off my charcoal mask and it doesn’t matter at all how dirty they get – you’ll never see the stains!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

Do you wear blue light blocking glasses when you work on your computer? With everything being virtual right now, almost 100% of my work is done on a computer. I started getting mild headaches behind my eyes, so I got back in the habit of wearing blue light blocking glasses.

I’ve had a pair for years and needed a little upgrade, so I grabbed this $15 pair from Amazon and love them!

I have also started wearing them when my husband and I watch TV at night and it’s made a big difference on how quickly I can fall asleep.

top amazon purchases augusttop amazon purchases august