how to create a successful morning routine

creating a successful morning routine

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Hi, Fleurdille fam! How are you holding up a couple weeks into quarantine? We’re hanging in there! We’ve adjusted surprisingly well, but not without some very intentional changes. Afterall, 4 people in a tiny home can feel real cramped real quick. A couple of things that seemed to have really helped us are creating a schedule for the girls and dividing up the home chores. I think the single biggest thing that has helped me mentally, physically and emotionally however, has been creating a successful morning routine for myself to keep me sane.

This new quarantine life is a major life-adjustment for everyone. I’m almost positive we’ve all taken on more responsibilities and are juggling more than normal. On top of that, we’re all battling (whether we realize it or not) a lot emotionally – extra time at home, extra time indoors, closer than normal family quarters, new routines, decrease in social life etc. All of this can have a major impact on our mental health.

planning your morning routine:

When I plan out my morning routine, I take a couple things into effect. I pick things to be a part of my morning routine that will help me:
1. set my intentions for the day
2. stand firm in truth (God is in control)
3. take advantage of my clear mind/creativity (mama’s brain gets foggy by the day’s end)
4. take advantage of a quiet home
5. how to stay healthy/take care of my body

creating a successful morning routine:

After spending some time journaling and discussing this with my business coach last week, I created a morning routine that sets me up for success. It gives me time for self-care, helps me set my intentions for the day, and allows me to have uninterrupted time to be productive.
1. Early bedtime – a successful morning routine starts at night. Going to bed early is super hard for me. After work or watching a show with Trav, it’s so easy for me to get caught up reading and lose track of time. I’ve been trying to get to bed by 10 or 10:30 lately to give my body enough sleep.
2. Prep your morning area – for me this looks like prepping my office with everything I’ll need in the morning. I spend my mornings in my office working, do my devotional, and working out; so, at night I put my laptop, my air pods, my bible, my water bottle, and my workout clothes and shoes in the office. This keeps me from stumbling around in the dark in the wee hours of the morning. Set yourself up for success!
3. Get up when your alarm goes off – the days I lay in bed and hit snooze I almost always sleep through my second alarm. So, once my alarm goes off, I get up and walk to my office.
4. Meditate (5-10 min) – meditation looks differently for everyone. I’ve found if I start with a simple 10 or so minute guided meditation, it allows me to slowly wake up, get in tune with my body, and normalize my breathing pattern. My favorite app for meditation is the Calm app. I highly recommend it!
5. Time in the Word (5-15 min) – after my meditation, I do a short devotional. Right now I’ve been working through this devotional for moms and reflecting and praying through this passage: 1 Thessalonians 3: 12-13.
6. Journaling/time blocking (45 – 60 min) – I’ve learned that I focus the best in the morning and am the most creative in the morning as opposed to in the evening after the girls go down. So, the first thing I do is journal ideas for my blog, list out my to-do list for the day, and chunk out my time for the day. If I know I have from 11-12 and then 1-3 pm for blog work, I list the exact way I am going to spend that time. This is a new method I’m using to keep me on track as opposed to me hoping on IG and wasting precious time. Once I’ve journaled and planned my work day, I use any spare time to answer emails.
7. workout (30 – 45 min)– the last 30-45 minutes of my uninterrupted “morning time” I do my FITT Cycle workout. If you’re looking for a good at-home workout, I HIGHLY recommend The FITT Cycle. It’s the fitness lifestyle I’ve been using for over a year now. It teaches you how to consistently work out (from home or the gym), eat healthy, and enjoy your food and life!
8. LISS (30-45 min) – if it’s not raining, I go outside for my LISS. Right now, that looks like a 30-45 min walk around the neighborhood. Travis makes breakfast with the girls and does their scripture memory (March verse: John 14:27) so while they are together I sneak out for some fresh air. Being outdoors and moving my body does wonders for my mental health.
9. CELERY JUICE – this is the newest addition to my mornign routine and I am LOVING it! I originally started this for 2 reasons – 1. it’s an anti-inflammatory and 2. my friend raved at how her face cleared up. when I come back from my walk and before I drink coffee I pour an 8oz glass of fresh celery juice. I have been using this juicer and love it. It does make a humming noise, but its under $50!
10. Coffee and start my day – by this time my girls are dressed and ready for their morning yoga. I drink my decaf while we start our day together!
** note: I didn’t put times down because it will be different for every person. For you it may be 5am and for someone else it may be 6 am. You do what works best for you!

creating a successful morning routine

juicer: amazon

creating a successful morning routine

top: abercrombie | bralette: free people | jeans: kut from the kloth


While there haven’t been very many studies looking into the health benefits of celery juice, celery does contain a lot of nutrients deemed beneficial for your health. According to this article, celery contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamis B-2 and B-6 and Vitamin C. It also contains the following nutrients: folate, potassium, maganese, pantothenic acid, and dietary fiber.
  • decreases inflammation – celery contains chemicals called phytonutrients which aid in decreasing inflammation.
  • hydration – celery has a very high water content (over 90%), so if anything, celery juice encourages me to stay hydrated. In fact, I’ve been trying to drink 20-32 ounces of water prior to my celery juice and then it sets me on the right track to continue drinking water!
  • clearer skin – the anti-inflammatory nutrients coupled with the high water content of celery have been a game changer for my skin. After almost 3 solid weeks of drinking celery juice and I can tell a noticeable difference in my face. I haven’t had a pimple or breakout in over a week!

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