best at-home workouts when you can’t go to the gym

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Hi, babes! How are you holding up? Staying optimistic? It is truly a crazy time right now. We are trying our very best to stay informed, make wise decisions, and still find the best in a very challenging situation. We trust that God has a plan for us and for all of you. We hope He will use us in this trying time to show His love to others.

One of the latest pieces of information we received from the CDC was a recommendation to avoid gatherings of 50+ people for the next 8 weeks. Holy moly! As we discussed what that will look like, we talked about how that would directly affect us. Of course social gatherings will be affected, but we also talked about things like going to the gym. I’ve been using ClassPass to go to a gym for my FITT Cycle weight workouts, but the gym just seems like an unwise place to be right now.

In addition to avoiding gyms for the time being, we also came to the agreement that attending fitness classes like yoga or pilates is probably not he wisest choice. So, I will be resuming my at-home workouts.

best at-home workouts:

  • The FITT Cycle I have been doing the FITT Cycle for over a year now and it has truly become a way of life. I originally attracted to the FITT Cycle for a couple reasons. First, I loved and still love that it gives two versions of workouts – one for the gym and one for your home. I also love that that it incorporates nutrition into your workout routine. The FITT Cycle is a 3-prong way of living including daily workouts, intermittent fasting, and carb cycling.
    • The FITT Cycle app – the FITT Cycle now has an app that makes everything even easier. You view workouts via the app, track your macros/nutirion on the app, monitor your fasting interval, and it gives you sample recipes to make! Y’all, it’s so dang easy and I highly recommend it!
  • ClassPass for the past 6 or so months I have been thoroughly enjoying ClassPass. It’s been a great way to supplement my FITT Cycle workouts. I love being around others so it’s been a fun way to take a pilates class or a yoga class with my girlfriends. I have also recently tapped into the fact that you can book massages via ClassPass, which is um…life changing! With the pandemic however, I am holding off attending classes.
    • ClassPass during the pandemic – if you’re currently a ClassPass member, you’ll be happy to hear that they have made digital fitness classes available to everyone! There are audio and video workouts ranging from yoga to cardio to strength training. So, I plan to still use ClassPass for massages and smaller classes and supplement with digital workouts for the time being.

gym accessories to make at-home workouts easier:

  • weights – I recommend getting free weights that you can adjust to your strength level. It is especially important as you grow stronger.
  • bench – I don’t have one, but it’s currently in my cart. Occasionally you’ll need a bench for the FITT Cycle so go ahead and grab one. This one is under $50 and can be adjusted to be flat, at an incline, or at a decline and it has a 5 star review.
  • resistance loop exercise bands – these are so helpful for workouts and can travel anywhere with you.
  • water bottle – staying hydrated is so important. This has been my go-to water bottle for years.
  • resistance bands – the FITT Cycle provides some workouts that can be done easily when you travel and don’t have access to a gym or gym equipment. I love these!
  • exercise mat – if you don’t have a yoga mat or something you can use for a mat when you’re laying down, I recommend getting an exercise mat.

One of the most asked questions I received during a poll in January was how do I find time to workout? I’m not going to lie, but it’s hard to find time and I know it’s not just me that feels that way. Whether you have kids or not, we live in a busy world (or we used to…). I recommend two things. First, I recommend doing it first thing in the morning. For me that means I have to wake up a little bit earlier (5 AM) to get it done before the girls are awake. I’ve just learned from experience that if you don’t do it first thing, other things will come up in your schedule and you’ll end up not having time to workout.

Secondly, I recommend writing it down on your schedule. If I write down when I’m going to workout each day it becomes part of my routine and to-do list.  I’m sure it won’t be easy in the beginning, but it will be well worth it! You can do it!