how to maintain your sanity during quarantine

getaway house

People say your mindset is everything…and they’re right! As an enneagram 1, extreme extrovert, I plan on packing my schedule super tight. Quarantine has changed my typically busy social schedule into a crazy home-school nightmare. I’m sure some of y’all can relate. It seems that almost overnight I’ve become mom, first grade teacher, preK teacher, speech pathologist, influencer, and house manager. And the best part? It’s all done without ever leaving my home. Oh, Lordy. This is most definitely a new kind of “busy” for me.

As soon as I realized what my reality was going to look like moving forward, I had to make a conscious choice as to what my attitude and outlook would be. First and foremost, I have to trust that God is in complete control. I have to trust that he will use me and my family to show others His unconditional love. I’m also having to surrender to myself daily and choose love, choose kindness, choose patience, and choose hope. To do that I have changed things in my daily routine to support such a decision.

how to maintain your sanity during quarantine:

  • get moving – now more than ever it is essential to get moving! Get your blood flowing, your heart rate elevated, and move your body. If you need a home workout, check out my post here for what I’m doing.
  • get outdoors – when you’re trapped inside all day, it is essential that you get outdoors. Breathe the fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun, and increase your endorphins. Take a walk around your block or walk a wide-open trail.
  • make time for “self-care” – my sister and I constantly poke fun at my mom that her answer anything is to “take a bath.” However, she may have a point in this situation. Make sure that you are taking time for yourself during all of this to care for yourself – take a bath, paint your nails, read a book, etc.
  • tech-free time – with the uncertainty of the present, there is a bombardment of information. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the news, but make sure you are making time to step back and separate a little.
  • escape if you can – while I think we shouldn’t be blind to what is happening all around us, I do think it’s important to have a little mental break and feel some care-free joy. This past weekend we went camping and it was a great way to spend time in nature and separate ourselves from our mundane quarantine life. Another option we’ve tried is sneaking away to a Getaway House. We figure sneaking away to a tiny house secluded in nature is not a bad way to quarantine. Getaway Houses encourage quality tech-free time and are a great way to escape to the wilderness without foregoing a warm bed.
  • get dressed – it sounds crazy, but I made the pledge to myself to get up and get dressed every single day. It’s a way to keep me motivated and on task. It’s such a small thing to do, but leaves such a big impact.
  • take time for your skin – I’m not sure if you’re goal-oriented, but I freaking love a good goal. So, I’ve created a mini goal to make my skin better than ever. To give my skin a chance to breath and clear up. In September I was put on acne medication to clear up blemishes. Around December I started using BeautyCounter’s Countercountrol’s regimen set and y’all – it has worked wonders! In fact, I’ve been off acne medication for almost 2 weeks now. I’m hoping that using this time to really care for my skin will only continue to clear up my complexion.
  • wine – no, but for real…I’m a big ole wine-o and I’m not sure I could survive without a little vino in my life. However, we are taking “shelter-in-place” seriously and trying not to get out of our house if we can help it. Luckily, Scout & Cellar is still shipping clean wine right to your door! They even launched a wine club that ships monthly for under $100!


what to expect from me:

In full transparency, this time has been particularly strange to navigate as an influencer. My heart and mind, much like yours I’m sure, is almost completely consumed by what’s happening in our world. Covid19 is a very real threat to our entire world and we are all feeling the weight of it. Some of us feel it financially, some emotionally, some physically, and most certainly we all feel the mental affects.

I’ve tried to be especially sensitive to the fact that we are all going through a lot. As I’ve processed through my next steps, I thought it only fair to share with you guys how I plan on proceeding. First and foremost, I want to spread joy and love to you guys! You are the whole reason I get to do what I do after all. In oder to keep spreading joy, encouragement, and hope, I am going to keep being me!

  • weekly check-ins – I want to constantly stay in tune with you guys so I plan to do weekly check-ins on Instagram to make sure I’m giving you guys exactly what you want and need!
  • fashion – part of what brings me joy is fashion! I love styling outfits and now that summer is just around the corner I am beyond pumped because it’s dress season! I am a big lover of sundresses, and cannot wait to share that love with y’all!
  • sales – who doesn’t love a good sale!? I will continue to share daily sales with you guys because honestly, who doesn’t need a little retail therapy right now?
  • helpful tips – now that I’m home full-time much like a lot of you, I plan to share simple home updates and life hacks that are getting me through this uncertain time!