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Hi, babes! Let’s get really real with each other here. We have definitely scaled back on a lot during quarantine, but one thing we have not scaled back on is our vino consumption. Typically it’s just a glass of wine when the kids go down or some prosecco on our family walk, but it’s a necessity when you’re all working and schooling from one tiny home.

During this crazy time, we’ve been so grateful that our favorite clean wine – Scout & Cellar wine – ships right to our doorstep and one of Trav’s favorite breweries has a pick-up option. It’s the little things right? In all seriousness though, I know quite a few of you have been wanting to try Scout & Cellar wine, but haven’t known where to start. Well, a new product just launched making it super easy to try clean wine without breaking the bank!!

the easiest way to try clean wine

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – once you try clean wine and feel the benefits, you’ll never go back! And, you can read more about why here.

One of my favorite things about Scout & Cellar is that they truly listen to their customers’ feedback. One of the biggest pieces of feedback they received last year was that people wanted an easy way to try more than one Scout & Cellar bottle without spending a lot of money. So, they created a Scout Sampler – a wine sampler with 4 of Scout & Cellar’s favorite wines. The 187 mL bottles consist of a white, a rose and two reds. They are the perfect size for sampling and the entire pack is only $32!

I’ve actually purchased this sampler pack for myself. The smaller bottle size is great for nights when Trav is gone for work or when I want wine and Trav wants something else. It’s nice to have a small bottle option so I don’t waste any wine! So, if you’re looking to try Scout & Cellar, I highly recommend the sampler!

If you’re looking for a more pool-friendly beverage or something you can carry around on your evening quarantine walks, you might try a 4 pack of canned wine – white, rose, red, or mixed!


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