clean crafted wine: what is it and what the benefits are

inexpensive diy backyard wine night

Hi, babes!! Happy Weekend! This post is long-overdue, but just in time for the weekend because it’s all about wine! For a couple of months now you guys have heard me talk about clean-crafted wine or Scout & Cellar wine via Instagram, but I haven’t really explained it. So, I thought I’d take the time today to actually explain what clean-crafted wine is and why I’m drinking it. This post is in no way sponsored by anyone, I simply love wine and am excited to share it with you!

scout and cellar rose wine

a love affair with wine: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Wine and me, we go way back. For as long as I can remember, I have loved wine; specifically, red wine. I loved it in college, post-college, and still as a young adult. In fact, if calories weren’t a thing, I’d probably have a glass every night. It’s safe to say we are good buddies. But, several years ago our relationship got a little rocky. When I was 30 I had a hysterectomy due to years of battling endometriosis. My hysterectomy was supposed to be the end to years of pain. However, that wasn’t the case. My pain persisted and I was eventually diagnosed with chronic inflammation of my connective tissue in my abdomen. In addition to medication, my urologist also recommended that I cut out caffeine, and American wine. Uh, what? I didn’t get it. However, my urologist went on to explain that most American wineries add a significant amount of chemicals and sugars to make their vintages taste the same year after year. These same chemicals cause inflammation and therefore pain in my case. These same chemicals are also illegal to use in wines in France, Italy and Spain. Crazy, right?

So, my husband and I cut out all American wine. We were skeptical, but sure enough, when I drink foreign wine, I don’t have any pain. It’s crazy! Then we traveled to Italy for a little over a week and had lots and lots of wine and noticed 2 things – 1, we never had a hangover and 2, I never had any pain. My urologist was onto something. Since then, since I was 30, Travis and I have only purchased non-American wine.

the girls’ weekend that changed it all

Several months ago I drove up to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with two of my college besties. Our first night there was filled with lots of laughs, our kids running around like crazy, and of course wine! My friends are so sweet and always have foreign wine for me to drink, but this time my friend wanted me to try clean crafted wine. One of her dear friends brought over several bottles of Scout & Cellar wine as a welcome to OKC present, so we of course gave it a go!

the anti-hangover

Well, over the course of the afternoon and evening, my girlfriends and I consumed 5 bottles of Scout & Cellar wine. We woke up the next morning quite early (kids, ya know?) and we felt incredible! We were all up by 7:30 am and felt ready to tackle our day! I remember commenting that we must have had a ton of water because we felt so great. That’s when my friend chimed in and brought my attention to the fact that it wasn’t the water, but the fact that we had been drinking Scout & Cellar wine.

who me? pain free?

Not only was I free from feeling sick, but I was pain free. The Scout & Cellar wine we drank was all from California, so I was a bit shocked. This is what intrigued me. I wanted to know what Scout & Cellar was and what made it different from other wines.

what is clean-crafted wine?

As you know, the flavor, color, and growing cycle of a grape is determined by nature. In an effort to battle the unpredictability of nature, wineries have started relying on chemical pesticides, chemical additives, and sugar to create wine vintages that taste the same year after year. For example, they want X bottle of Pinot Noir to taste the same in 2013 as it does in 2019 despite changes in soil, temperature, or weather conditions. The bad news here is that it doesn’t taste the same as natural wine and the added chemicals and sugar most definitely can have a negative impact on your body.

Scout & Cellar wines are the opposite. They are wines that are chemical, additive-free wines with significantly less sugar that lend a better flavor and a better experience. Nothing is added into Scout & Cellar wines to modify the texture, flavor, color, or aroma.

scout and cellar wine facts

where do I get it?

You can purchase Scout & Cellar wines directly through their website and/or through me! I became a consultant several months ago because frankly, after crunching numbers, we realized we’d make money on ourselves just from the wine we were buying. Because I’m a consultant though, I can answer any and all questions you may have!

Scout & Cellar does not have any retail stores as the wines are sourced directly from vineyards all over the world and then delivered directly to you! Scout & Cellar releases new wines each month and each vintage is a limited quantity, so if you love one, snag it before it’s gone! Travis and I typically buy 4-6 wines per purchase to make the shipping worth it. Shipping depends on the amount of bottles you purchase and the time of year.

It’s actually quite nice because you can buy everything online and then it’s shipped directly to your doorstep. A mother’s dream.

my favorites

Although new wines are released monthly, there are some crowd favorites that seem to stick around month after month. If you love red wine, my favorites are the 2016 The Resident Red Wine, the 2017 Middle Jane Cabernet Sauvignon, and the 2017 Etnico Gran Reserva. If you loves whites, my favorites have been the 2018 Fieldhouse Charonnay and the 2018 Dove Hunt Dog Chardonnay. And for all my rose lovers, my favorites are the 2018 Gallivant Rose and the 2018 Fieldhouse Rose. You really can’t go wrong!