How To Make a Hot Chocolate Bar For The Holidays

hot chocolate bar

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Have you ever made a hot chocolate bar? We hadn’t either, but it’s so fun!

This year we’re trying to make our COVID-holiday season extra special. Instead of big parties and productions we’re focusing on elevating the small ways we celebrate at home. One of those such ways is drinking hot chocolate.

One of our traditions is that we drink hot chocolate while we drive around and look at Christmas lights. Thankfully, we still get to do that. The other tradition we have is drinking hot chocolate around our fire pit. While we will still do that, we decided to make it extra special this year.

We brought our hot chocolate indoors and filled our hot chocolate bar with all the fixings. Y’all, I swear we’re getting so much use out of our bar cart. Last week we made a coffee bar and this week we reworked it for a hot chocolate bar.

Bar Carts:

hot chocolate barhot chocolate bar

How To Create a Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar

Pick Your Base – Board or Bar

Choose your base depending on where you’ll be enjoying your hot chocolate. We drank ours indoors, so we used our bar cart to hold everything. If you plan on drinking your hot chocolate outdoors, a large board or platter would work just fine!

Choose Your Chocolate

There are so many different brands of hot chocolate out there, so pick your favorite! We found a couple options on our latest Target trip. We got this peppermint hot chocolate to try and this hot cocoa bar kit, too.

Festive Mugs

Using your own mugs is perfectly fine, no doubt, but holiday mugs are so fun! We got these adorable santa mugs on Amazon and the girls loved them! I also think these are cute and so are these.

Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love some extra sugar? Spice up your hot chocolate bar with some candy canes, chocolate spoons and chocolate covered pretzel sticks.


This part is the most fun! Choose any fun toppings to put in your hot chocolate. Again, we found everything we needed at Target. The hot cocoa bar kit we got came with some candy cane chips and mini marshmallows. We also found some snowflake shaped marshmallows there, too! Take your kids shopping with you and let them choose their favorites! I think these marshmallows are cute, too!

hot chocolate barhot chocolate barhot chocolate barhot chocolate barhot chocolate bar

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