how to create a coffee bar for the holidays

coffee bar cart holidays

Who’s ready to learn how to create a coffee bar for the holidays?

I recently got a bar cart on major sale from Marshall’s and now I have all the holiday inspiration flowing through me. As I style our cart throughout this holiday season I promise I’ll be sharing all the details with you guys!

As I thought about the holidays whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, I kept thinking about how different the holidays will look for so many of us. Some of us will be celebrating with our immediately family, some of us will forego traveling plans, and some of us simply might not know what to do yet!

No matter what you are doing or who you are or are not celebrating with, we can all use a little caffeine to power through the holidays. Right?

coffee bar cart holidays

Bar Carts:

Tips For Styling a Coffee Bar:

Choose a Festive Coffee –

Choosing a coffee can be hard if you have a larger group of people, but it’s so fun to do for the holidays. I recommend choosing a festive flavored coffee. Some of my favorite places to find festive coffee flavors are local coffee shops, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, or your local Target.

I also recommend choosing a medium roast so it’s not too strong or too light for your guests. If your coffee bar is big enough, opt for a medium and a light roast. If your family gets crazy around the holidays, definitely go with a strong roast. 😉

Provide Cute Mugs –

Choosing mugs is so fun when you have a theme. For a holiday coffee bar, I think festive mugs like these would be adorable on your bar cart. For my bar cart I chose to-go mugs because we will probably do most of our socializing outdoors. Whether we’re enjoying coffee in our front yard with friends or on a back patio with family, I wanted an easy coffee mug option.

If you’re wanting to go the to-go mug route like us, I found these on amazon. I also found the most festive coffee cup sleeves here, here, and here.

Have a Variety of Fixin’s –

Have fun with this part! Decorate your coffee bar with your favorite festive creamers, a variety of sugars, and coffee syrups.

Add Some Sweet Treats –

Coming from a gal with a major sweet tooth, having sweets on your bar cart is an absolute must! I opted for some mint Milano cookies as our sweet treat. I think it would be so cute to include homemade sugar cookies, too, though!

Don’t Forget The Breath Mints! –

Even though you may not be able to smell your guest’s breath through their mask, don’t let them leave with bad breath. A cute bowl of mints is always a crowd favorite!

Coffee Bar Accessories:

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