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easter baskets

Can you believe Easter is only weeks away this year? I am so excited to celebrate Easter this year since last year we were all on quarantine. One of my favorite ways to celebrate with the girls is of course – their Easter baskets!

Typically I just throw things in their baskets that I’ve picked up over a span of months. This method is fine because kids don’t care at all, but I decided to do things differently this year. Instead of the hodge-podge approach, I picked a theme and it helped me SO much. It saved me time and honestly, money!

Before I share my tips on creating an easy, affordable and fun Easter basket, let’s talk money-saving tips. I was raised a sale-shopper and I’ve learned that there’s always a way to save if you try!

easter baskets

Money-Saving Easter Basket Tips:

  • Reuse Baskets – if you’re like me, you’ve probably accumulated plenty of baskets over the years. I have saved several larger, well-made Easter baskets that we use on Easter morning. I also saved some smaller baskets for collecting eggs. So, my advice here is to either save baskets you were gifted or invest in a good basket one year that you can use multiple years. One of my favorite places to get a good Easter basket is Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Stalk the Dollar Section of Target – I know we’re all Target lovers here, so this tip shouldn’t shock anyone. As soon as Target puts out their Easter items I stalk the Dollar section every time I shop. This year I was able to find my basket grasses here. The Dollar section is also a great place to find filler items like lotion or candy or what have you.

Shop Easter Baskets:


Alright, let’s talk Easter baskets! The first things I suggest doing to make your life easier is to pick a theme! It sounds a little over-the-top, but trust me, it will make your life easier! This year I picked a “beauty makeover” theme for my girls. Once I had my theme, it was so easy to shop for their baskets because I knew exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t get distracted by other toys or books.

So, pick your theme and then follow our guide below to create an easy and affordable Easter basket your kids will love!

easter baskets

Must Have Items For Your Easter Basket:

Something Crafty:

I like to include one craft item in each of their baskets to give them something to do on Easter. This year I am including a nail decorating kit. Other items to include could be something to paint, flower seeds to plant, or a puzzle.

Something Practical:

In an effort not to fill our Easter baskets with only toys, I try to include at least one practical item. This year I am including a loofa and eye masks. Believe it or not my girls each use an eye mask at night and neither can seem to find theirs! I’ve also heard of moms including items like a tooth brush, underwear or a new pair of goggles.

Something Soft or Sentimental:

Ever since the girls were little I’ve included a little stuffed animal in their Easter baskets. It’s kind of become a tradition in our home. I do recommend including something soft like a stuffed animal, or something sentimental to your family.

Something Sweet:

Would it even be Easter without candy and sweets? This is an easy item to include in your child’s Easter basket and can be pretty affordable, too. We always include chocolates, gummy bears, and this year I am including peeps. Personally, peeps gross me out, but my girls love them.

Something Personal:

For the most part, I include the same items in each of my girls’ Easter baskets. However, I like to add a little personal touch to each of them. So, I include one or two items that are unique to each child’s current interests. For example, Emma is really into telling jokes lately, so I’m including a joke book in her Easter basket.

easter baskets

Easter Basket Arranging Tips:

  • The more the merrier – make sure you have enough grass so that your items don’t sink. You want to be able to see most of the items.
  • Big items first – when arranging the items in your basket, start with the biggest items first. Place the biggest items in the back so that they don’t overshadow or block any of the other items.
  • Add in items by decreasing size – once you have your big items in, start adding in items by decreasing size.
  • Fill in the gaps – use candy or smaller items like little flower pots as fillers. Fill in any holes you may have in the basket with candy and the like.

easter baskets

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