the 3 travel accessories I can’t live without

travel accessories

What are your must-have travel accessories? I love trying new gadgets, but there are 3 that I use every single time I travel. I like accessories that make it easy for me to pack/unpack, and that make it easy for me to access my belongings.

Luckily for me (and for you), I was able to find 3 amazing travel accessories from Amazon. All 3 of them are well-made and affordable. I highly recommend all 3 and included a blurb below for each so you know why I like each of them.

As always though, I love hearing what your go-to items are, so leave a comment or DM me on Instagram with your favorite travel accessories.

My 3 Favorite Travel Accessories:


Travel Makeup Case ($19):

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you are well aware of how much I love this makeup case. It is truly the best and it’s so affordable! The base has adjustable compartments for your makeup. I love the adjustable piece because you can move pieces around to fit your makeup products. The lid also has slots for brushes that helps keep them organized and from getting deformed or dirty. I highly, highly recommend this case! I’ve had mine for 2 years and it’s held up so well!


Toiletry Bag With Hanging Hook ($22):

This is my newest travel accessory and I can already tell it will be a staple when we travel. There is so much I love about this toiletry bag. First of all, it has large compartments. I use the make-up container above for my make-up, but always had to cram my hair products, razor, brushes, etc., into smaller bags. Secondly, I love that the compartments are clear. The clear compartments allow me to see what I want and easily access the product. Lastly, I love that it hangs! Being able to hang your toiletry bag clears up counter space, which is precious real estate on a trip.


6 Set Packing Cubes ($18):

If you aren’t using packing cubes when you pack, you’re missing out. Trust me! I started using them a couple years ago and they’ve been a major game changer. They make it so incredibly easy to access and organize the items you’re packing. I use each cube to pack one type of item. For example, one cube holds all of my socks and underwear, another holds loungewear and PJs, and another might hold my bathing suits and coverups.

I love that when I get to our destination I can just pull out one cube at a time and unpack. If you aren’t able to unpack your items into a dresser and have to live out of your bag, cubes make it a lot easier, too!

And finally, the thing I love about this set is that it comes with a shoe bag. I never really thought about using a shoe bag before, but it’s nice to keep your shoes from touching your clothes.

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