how to dress for a spring luncheon

spring luncheon consignment pink dress

dress: under $100 | shoes: chanel | bag: gigi new york

Hey there! So glad to have you here today! We’re chatting all things dresses today because we all know that with a change in weather, Spring luncheons and Spring galas start to stack up! Honestly, I feel like Spring functions can be the hardest to dress for. Climates still vary based on your location – it could be 80 degrees already for some of you while others are still taking on freezing temps. There’s also the question of tights – do I wear them or not? Or how about color – is it too early to wear color? Should you wear a coat or a shawl?

No worries, babes! I’m here to help! When it comes to Spring luncheons and galas, I say embrace Spring trends! This year that means bright, cheery colors and lots of floral patterns. This is a great time to wear a new spring dress, but if you feel more comfortable dressing business-professional, that’s okay, too! I would say too, that more times than not, I would err on the conservative side of dressing. More conservative necklines tend to be more fitting for a Spring luncheon or gala.

If you have several spring events, I would opt for a dress in a solid color. This way you can wear it multiple times by creating several different looks based on your accessories and/or a fun jacket of shawl. That happens to be the case for me this year, so I opted for a solid color dress and I plan on wearing different shoes with it so that I can wear it more than once. Afterall, rarely will you be with the same people for more than one event.

spring luncheon consignment pink dress

dress: j brand | shoes: jimmy choo | bag: tory burch

what to consider when dressing for a luncheon:

  • time of day – most luncheons are held midday, but the occasional gala will be held in the evening. Once you determine the time of the event, you’ll be able to determine if you’ll need a jacket or not.
  • venue – determining the venue will help you dress for the occasion. If it’s indoors you may be able to get away with not wearing a jacket, but if it’s outdoors you may want to wear a light layer. I’ve also been so several events outdoors that had part of the event in grass, which is not the best if you’re wearing high heels. So, pay attention to that, too!
  • theme of event – not all luncheons have a theme, but read the invitation carefully in case it hints at a dress code.

tips for dressing for a Spring gala/luncheon:

  • florals – floral dresses are big for Spring, so if you want to stay on-trend, opt for a floral dress.
  • spring colors – now is the time to wear bight colors and pastels – another Spring trend!
  • light jacket – bringing a light jacket is almost always a good idea. Even if it’s indoors it may be chilly.
  • conservative neckline – stay elegant and ladylike by opting for a more conservative neckline. Less is more ladies.
  • light accessories – given that most of your Spring events will be during the day, opt for light accessories. Simple, classic jewelry, smaller necklaces and bracelets. Again, less is more.
  • don’t show too much skin – luncheons are not the time to show off your skin. Opt for conservative necklines and a more classically cut dress. This not the time to wear a mini dress.
  • color is the new black – although black is acceptable, it’s Spring and the weather is finally warming up! Put your LBD back in your closet and grab something with a little more life to it!

spring luncheon consignment pink dress

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s talk about where you can find the perfect outfit for a Spring luncheon! Y’all, I created both of these looks (from head to toe) from items I found at Clothehorse Anonymous. Yep, each piece was consignment and each piece was in mint condition! Whether you’re looking for one dress to wear to several luncheons or several different dresses, I highly recommend checking out Clotheshorse Anonymous. They have high end designer brands as well as more affordable brands, too. There’s something for every gal and every budget!

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spring luncheon consignment pink dressspring luncheon consignment pink dressspring luncheon consignment pink dressspring luncheon consignment pink dressspring luncheon consignment pink dress

This post was created in collaboration with Clotheshorse Anonymous. I have the privilege of being their brand ambassador. All outfit selections and opinions are uniquely mine. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.

photography: maribel morales