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top: lole c/o CA | leggings: alo c/o CA

Hi, babes! I hope you’re savoring every last bit of your holiday weekend. We had the privilege of spending the holiday with my family in Chicago. It was the perfect mix between fun events like the Christkindlemarket in Chicago and lounging around the house in our comfy clothes watching Christmas movies and just laughing.

Right before we left for our trip I made time to visit my favorite Dallas consignment store – Clotheshorse Anonymous – in hopes of finding some new athleisure pieces. I think I’ve been spoiled by Clotheshorse Anonymous’s athletic selections because I just can’t bring myself to pay full price for Lululemon, Alo, or Lole anymore. I mean, why would I if I can get it for half the cost?

Luckily for me, I hit the jackpot of athleisure apparel. I got got 6 pieces total and a sports bra all for under $200! Pictured above is a pair of blush pink Alo leggings, a blush pink Lululemon tank, and a blush pink Lole top. These 3 pieces made for the cutest loungewear set and I wore them when we visited my sister in Chicago. The leggings and tank are perfect for working out and then the Lole top is a great piece to throw over post workout or to just wear all day to lounge in.

I also got a pair or black Athleta leggings with the cutest velvet side panel. Probably not the type of leggings I would spend full price on as the velvet panel makes them seasonal, but worth it if I’m paying a fraction of the cost! I also grabbed some blue leggings and and blue Outdoor Voices tank to make the cutest workout set. I wore the set several times over break to both yoga and the gym. I’m not above repeating an outfit if it’s super cute!

I share this experience with you to as encouragement and inspiration! If you’re on a budget like me, especially this time of year, you can still find new athleisure or loungewear to sport through these winter months without spending very much. So, whether you’re getting a head start on your fitness program for 2020 or you’re just wanting to find some cute loungewear to wear around your in-laws, definitely shop consignment! And if you’re in Dallas, I highly recommend Clotheshorse Anonymous. They have such a ridiculous amount of inventory that they’re putting out new items daily!

clotheshorse anonymous consignment athleisureclotheshorse anonymous consignment athleisureclotheshorse anonymous consignment athleisureclotheshorse anonymous consignment athleisure

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