My Top 5 Amazon Purchases from July

top 5 amazon purchases

Are you ready to find out my top 5 amazon purchases from July?

I don’t know why, but it’s so fun to go back through our orders and see what items I really liked. If you’re a review junkie like I am, you probably like most of the items you buy. But, the items I considered to be my top 5 amazon purchases are the things I wear or use constantly and would buy again in a heartbeat.

Top 5 Amazon Purchases From July:

Layered Gold Necklace:

Last week I shared the Affordable Gold Jewelry I Wear Everyday and this $13 layered necklace is a must-have! I was a little nervous at first because sometimes cheap jewelry wears poorly. I was honestly prepared to only get a couple wears out of it. However, after almost a full month, it has held up so well! I’ve worn it almost every single day and it hasn’t tarnished one bit!

It’s a great necklace if you like dainty jewelry or want to try the layered look without spending too much.

Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes:

This past month I shared 7 Easy Packing Tips to Save You Time and Stress and packing cubes were one of them! This $13 packing cube set is one-of-a-kind! For one, it has over 4,6000 5-star reviews and two, they are actually well-made! They come with 4 packing cubes and two bags you can use for laundry. It makes your packing easier and I promise you won’t find a better deal than this!

Microbead Travel Neck Pillow:

Okay, so hear me out on this pillow. It’s nothing new to want a good neck pillow to travel with, but it’s hard to find one for cheap. I scoured Amazon for the best option for our summer road trips and landed on this neck pillow. The pillows themselves have some crazy patterns, but they’re only $10 AND they have over 2,400 4.5 star reviews!

Both of our girls loved them and Trav and I want to get some for ourselves!

Magnetic Dry Erase Labels:

While reading Daring to Hope, I was inspired by how the author would put sticky notes on her kitchen walls. She would fill each sticky note with things she was grateful for or blessed by. She filled the walls of her kitchen and they served as a tangible reminder of her blessings.

I loved this idea and wanted to recreate it in our home. I wanted something all 4 of us could do together. I wanted to have a visual reminder of all our blessings despite the unknowns of COVID. So, I ordered these magnetic dry erase labels to put on our fridge. The purpose is for all 4 of us to write down something we are grateful for or blessed by whenever we feel moved.

Truthfully, it’s been so neat to see how the girls have taken to it and to see what they are blessed by. It’s usually the small things we might miss. It’s so refreshing though to wake up and see them each morning! I highly recommend doing this for your family unit!

Short Sleeve Distressed Crop Tee:

Since COVID started I seem to have invested a lot more in my workout wardrobe. For a couple years now I’ve gravitated more toward short sleeve workout tops as opposed to tanks in an effort to protect my skin. About a year ago I got this short sleeve crop tee in white and loved it. It washes well, it isn’t too short, and it’s super comfy! I loved it so much that I ordered it in black this past Spring. Then in early July I got it in two more colors. Y’all I swear this top is $16 well spent! I stayed true-to-size, but if you don’t want it too cropped or if you have a long torso, I’d go up one size.