7 Healthy Tips for the Woman on the Go

7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.

Happy Fit Friday, guys! My Fit Friday posts are quickly becoming my favorite. If you’ve been following along on instagram then you know that I am currently in Lenox, MA. I flew up with my sister yesterday to meet our mom for a yoga retreat. We had the best time unwinding, shopping, and drinking wine in Lenox. But today, we’re headed to Kripalu for a yoga retreat and to hear the fabulous nutritionist, John Bagnulo, speak about building your nutritional foundation for health and vitality. He’s also going to be talking about reducing inflammation, which you know has my full attention. Anyway, I cannot wait to share everything I learn with you guys, so be sure to check back here next Friday!!

Before we dive into the meat of today’s post, I have to share two things about today’s look. The first is that my Zella top is selling out super fast. The blush pink is only left in a few sizes, but it comes in black, too, and is fully stocked in that color. Black is probably the more flattering color of the two, actually. If you aren’t familiar with Zella, it’s an activewear line from Nordstrom. Zella makes my very favorite leggings (cheaper than other name brands and the high waist is ideal). I’ve also been trying a lot more of their workout tops and they have not disappointed! This cold shoulder top is such a great option to throw on after a workout and still look presentable.

Also, I’ve been on a white leggings kick (here’s proof), but a lot of you asked me if I could find some that were more affordable. Man, it’s hard to find good leggings at a reasonable price! BUT, as fate would have it, I found some. I really do mean fate, too. I took the girls with me on a leggings hunt last week and we had zero luck. As we were leaving Old Navy, we walked by Forever21 and as I glanced in, I spotted these! No joke! They were only $20 and so I thought what the heck! I figured they would be super thin or see through, but they aren’t. In other words, we have found a new place to get leggings, y’all!

7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.

As my sister, mom and I were having lunch yesterday, we got to talking about the best health tips for the woman on the go. It feel like no matter your profession – full-time working mom, part-time working mom, stay-at-home mom, or juggling-multiple jobs mom, we are always on the move. It is on those go-go-go days that I struggle to eat right and to find time for physical activity. So, we created a list of our top 7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.


  1. water bottle – staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. It helps us in all areas. It keeps our skin looking hydrated and refreshed and it helps us be more successful when we work out. It also makes me feel full so I find that I don’t crave those bad snacks as much!
  2. healthy snack – I don’t know about you, but I’m a big snacker. I like to always have something in my hand. I’ve found that if I bring healthy snacks with me, then I don’t reach for the mini candy bars in the lounge. So, I always have a bag of mini carrots, almonds, and some sort of fruit in my bag to eat on the go! My husband has found this to be true, too, so he keeps a tub of almonds at his work desk to munch on throughout the day.
  3. utilize your phone – I highly doubt there is ever a moment that you are away from your phone, right? Mine seems to be glued to my side. Well, take advantage of that! There are so many fitness apps on your phone. You could even hop on youtube and look up a quick 10 or 15 minute workout on your break or in your hotel. The phone is great too, for checking the nutrition of what you’re eating. I personally love the app “fooducate,” which grades each food.
  4. do your research – by research I mean, look up the restaurants around you. It’s so easy to search “vegan restaurants” or “smoothie” and see what healthy options are around you. When I do this and create a plan, I don’t even think about driving through fast food. You can also look up parks around you or the nearest gym.
  5. meditative breathing – this probably seems odd if you aren’t using meditative breathing already, but it’s a huge help. It is so great for de-stressing and maintaining a calm demeanor. We do it with our girls all the time, too!
  6. walk more & further – this is one of the absolute easiest tips. Find ways to walk more. Park your car at the end of the parking lot so you have to walk further to get in your building. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to a bathroom further away on your floor. Heck, walk to the bathroom on the floor above you. If you’re grocery shopping, walk every aisle instead of just the ones you need. You can do this guys!
  7. take advantage of breaks – use every little break you get to do something physical. If your kids are playing out back, do jumping jacks. Or do some crunches on a work break. Get creative!

And as always, finding an accountability partner will always help you stay on track. For me, I have several. My sister is my accountability partner for running. My husband is my accountability partner for nutrition. And, my fabulous Fleurdille Family on Facebook is my accountability partner for BBG and life! If y’all haven’t joined yet, I highly recommend it! It’s super informal and we just chat about “real life!”


7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.


  • HALF-MARATHON TRAINING: training is going…this week was not the best week for me. I did a short run in the beginning of the week, but didn’t do my second short run because it was 10 freaking degrees outside. I just couldn’t muster up the strength to freeze my booty off. Saturday is usually my “long run day,” but since we’re at a yoga retreat this weekend, my sister and I are doing our 6 mile run today. It’s also freezing up here in the Berkshires, so we are opting to do our run indoors. I truly hate running on the treadmill, but desperate times call for desperate measure!
  • BBG: Well, we’re still in week one and boy am I sore!!! How are you guys feeling? I have only completed the legs and the arms/abs workout for this week. You guys, it has been way harder than I thought. The actual exercises aren’t difficult or hard to understand, it’s just hard doing them over and over. It hurts! Haha. It’s a good hurt though, right? I have the complete body workout to do tomorrow with my sister, so hopefully we will all survive the first week!

7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.7 healthy tips for the woman on the go.

top: zella | leggings: f21 (similar in all sizes) | shoes: new balance ( similar in blush, black, & gray)

photography: fort lion studio