What happens when you use clean skin care products + 3 easy tips for switching

clean beauty products for spring

Happy Tuesday, Fleurdille family. News travels fast – a phrase we often associate with social media. The ease at which information travels can be a bit alarming at times, but it’s also been a massive benefit to our society. It’s allowed us the ability to learn. To question what we’re going, what we’re eating, what we’re drinking, and what we’re putting on our bodies.

Several years ago Trav and I committed to eating cleaner. It’s been a slow journey and it seems like we always have more to learn. But, it’s been insanely beneficial to our gut health and the health of our girls. We were so focused on the eating piece however that we put blinders on to the other areas our lives like beauty products, cleaning products, and wine. Over the past couple of months I’ve taken it upon myself to start to examen what I’m putting in and on my body.

The world of cleaning products seems daunting, but we’ve started with cleaner detergent. We are trying goat’s milk laundry detergent first and I’ll keep you updated. As far as wine goes, we’ve started drinking clean crafted wine. And as far as beauty products go, I’ve started to replace old make-up products with newer, clean beauty products. What exactly is clean beauty you ask? I found this article super helpful on a basic explanation of what clean beauty is. This article does a great job of listing some of the main toxins to look out for and so does this blog post from my sweet friend, Blair.

  • initial breakout – I was so stoked to start using clean beauty products and my naive little self just thought my skin would transition right over with no problems. I started with several products including this tinted foundation. What I didn’t anticipate was that my skin would need some transition time and in that time, it would break it. My skin definitely felt the shift in ingredients and initially I broke out. I knew from switching to clean deodorant thought that your body does go through a detox period, so I figured that’s what was happening to my skin. So, I stuck it out and sure enough my skin cleared up within a week and hasn’t broken out since!
  • clearer skin – once you have fully switched over to clean makeup, your skin will thank you by staying cleaner and looking brighter. I was having consistent breakouts prior to using clean makeup, and once I made the switch I haven’t had a breakout since the transition period. It’s kind of incredible and my skin is truly happy.
  • increase desire to learn – I’m a “love-to-learn” kind of gal so I figured this would happen, but once I started using clean products, I wanted to learn more. I developed a desire to learn more, to learn about what products were and the effects they have on my skin, my body, and even on my girls.

3 tips for switching to clean beauty products:

  1. SWITCH SLOWLY – this was my plan of action from the beginning and it’s made the switch easy and stress free. I simply replace my makeup and skincare items with a clean beauty product as they run out. This also saves money because you aren’t spending a fortune at one time.
  2. DON’T GET OVERWHELMED – it’s super easy to get overwhelmed when you start to learn and research clean beauty, toxins, and what you should and should not put on your skin. So, take time to learn, but don’t fall into a google vortex and feel like your life is doomed.
  3. FIND YOUR PEOPLE – one of the things that’s helped me as I’ve started to transition to cleaner beauty products is to find people I value and respect that know more than I do about clean beauty products. One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Blair of The Fox and She.


favorite clean beauty products to get you started:

  • Illuminating Cream Highligther – this is one of my favorite products, especially as we head into Summer. The fact that it’s in a tube is amazing and makes it so easy to use. I keep mine in my purse and use it regularly. It’s a great product to use on-the-go for an easy dewy look.
  • lip gloss – if you’ve never tried their lip gloss, you’re missing out! This gloss has the best shine and stays on forever. I have “opal-moonstone” that is a great clear to go over any color and I also have “peony-warm pink” for a light summer color.
  • lengthening mascara – y’all, this mascara works wonders. I just did a post on this one v. the volumizing mascara last week (read it here) and let me tell you, it works wonders for us short eyelash girls. I will say that since last week’s post I have grown to love the volumizing mascara a bit more – I am now using one coat of the lengthening and then another coat with the volumizing and love it.
  • tint foundation – I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup in general, but especially not during the summer. This tinted foundation is seriously amazing. It’s so light on your skin and goes on so smoothly. It provides a very light color and stays on all day without making you look greasy!
  • spf 30 sunscreen stick – you may think this doesn’t fit in the makeup category, but ladies, you would be wrong. We all need to be wearing sunscreen under our makeup and then reapplying it throughout the day. I keep this sunscreen stick in my purse and reapply it to my face and body throughout the day and to my girls as well.