Transformation Thursday: Holiday HIIT Workout with Kami

Transformation Thursday is quickly becoming one of my favorite segments when I get to have guests like today’s Dallas-based personal trainer. Kami Blease is a certified trainer through the Cooper Institute and is the creator and owner of The Kalon Life – a platform to encourage and support women through fitness, nutrition, fashion, you name it! Kami meets you exactly where you are in life and helps you to become a better version of you!

Today she is guest posting for us to share an easy workout that can be done in your home, on the road, or outdoors with friends. Sticking with your exercise program through the holiday season can be tough, so workouts that are quick, can be done anywhere at anytime, and are effective are key!

Enough from me though, let’s hear from Kami…

Hi, my name is Kami and I am founder of The Kalon Life! I am so excited Anna asked me to guest post today because I love everything about her and her wonderful blog. <3

I started The Kalon Life because I deeply believe in encouraging women to look and feel their best. A great way to do that is through fitness! It can be a stress reliever, a mood booster and a fat burner all at once!

the kalon life, fleurdille

Through in-home personal training sessions I work one-on-one with my clients and develop a program uniquely designed for them and their needs. Its hard enough to get to the gym with all we have going on these days so I take all of that out of the equation and show up at your door! All you need to do is be dressed and ready to get in a good sweat! For those that still love a gym atmosphere I train there as well. Working for myself gives me the flexibility I need to be available to my clients when and where they want!

As the holidays are quickly approaching (yay!) getting in a great workout can be hard! So I have put together a workout for you to do in your home that takes about 30 minutes but is sure to make you sweat!


Holiday HIIT Workout

—Grab a pair of 3-5 lb weights (or get creative with what you have around the house)—

Standard Squat x 60 seconds

Jump Squat x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—-

Standard Lunges x 60 seconds

Jumping Jacks x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—

Bicep curls + overhead shoulder press x 60 seconds

Burpees (hehe you can do this I promise!) x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—

Repeat 2x

Standard Push-Ups x 60 seconds

Mountain Climbers x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—

Overhead Tricep Extensions x 60 seconds

Bicycle Crunches x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—

V-Sit Twists w/one weight x 60 seconds

Full Sit Up x 60 seconds

—Rest for 30 seconds—

Repeat 2x

Finish off with a 60 second plank! YOU CAN DO IT!

the kalon life, fleurdillethe kalon life, fleurdille


Hope you enjoy the workout! Let us know what you thought and be sure to follow @thekalonlife!

Happy Holidays!

xx – anna & kami

PS – thekalonlife.com is currently getting a facelift, but you can learn more about Kami via facebook, twitter, or instagram!