Beauty Review: e.l.f. costmestics

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 prism eyeshadow ($10) | mattifying blotting papers ($5) | illuminating palette ($6) | precision liquid eyeliner ($3-$6) | moisturizing lipstick ($3; color: marsala blush) | lip color remover ($3)

The holiday season is in full swing, which means that I need make-up that will last me through the work day and transition easily into the evening. Of course I have my staple make-up pieces, but I am always looking to add to my collection and enhance my look.

I was introduced to e.l.f. cosmetics a couple of weeks ago and have been amazed at their quality and even more taken aback by their prices. I mean the most expensive product in today’s post is $10! I also love that I can snag any of these products at my favorite store: target.

I reviewed each of the products below, but can tell you right now that my favorites are the lipstick, the eyeshadow palette, and the lip color remover. All would make amazing stocking stuffers!

So, read on and happy shopping!!

product review:

  • moisturizing lipstick: to me, a good lipstick has two main qualities: long-lasting color and soft on your lips so it’s easy to wear, and this lipstick definitely has both! The second I put it on it felt like I was rubbing lotion on my lips (check), but that made me nervous the color might now last very long. I was wrong! The color lasted me more than half a day and through a meal. (note: if you want your color to last even longer, layer it over lip liner)
  • lip color remover: okay, wine-o’s, this one is for you! I am a major red wine lover and I constantly feel like I wake up the next morning with stained lips that last hours and even days sometimes. Ugh. This product though erases all of your wine (or coffee) stains from your lips simply by rubbing it on your lips, letting it sit for 30 seconds, and then wiping it off. Now you can drink wine on a Thursday (or Monday) night without the entire office knowing the next day!
  • precision liquid eyeliner: liquid eyeliner is one of my “must have” beauty items because it stays on so well; I especially love this one because of the thin, tapered brush it has which makes it easy to put on and easy to make a thin line; the color of this eyeliner is the perfect black, too – not too dark and not too light (note: if you like darker eyeliner like me, put two coats on the top of your eyelids)
  • prism eyeshadow: while everyone has their go-to eyeshadows for everyday wear, it’s fun to invest in colorful palettes for nights out – especially during the holidays! What I like about this particular palette is that you can wear the lighter colors during the day for a softer look, the bolder colors in the evening for a more dramatic look, and you can even use the colors to contour!
  • illuminating palette: y’all, this has to be my new favorite thing! I’ve never used an illuminating palette before and I’m obsessed – there are 4 shades you choose from and they are designed specifically to capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects off your skin; you choose the color you like and then use it to highlight the areas around your eyes and on your cheekbones to enhance your skin, which makes a big difference!
  • on the spot blot: this product makes me smile every time I use it because when I was in high school this was the one thing that I and all of my girlfriends carried in our purse; I mean, how could you risk looking oily in front of the guys? 😉 Well, this product is definitely new and improved from the ones I used in high school and yes, even as an adult I am still battling oily skin, so this product is still a staple in my purse. What I love about this particular blotter is that not only does it take the shine out of your face, but it doesn’t wipe off any of your make up!

xx – anna

products c/o e.l.f. cosmetics; all opinions are my own 🙂