Tips For Eating Healthy On Vacation At The Beach

riviera maya mexico

Hey, babe!

July is in full swing and that typically means a mass exodus of Texans to Colorado. We are taking our annual camping trip to Colorado in late July and cannot wait for some cooler temps.

This past June however, we had the privilege of spending a week in Maya Riviera with Travis’s parents and brother. You can read the full review of our hotel here. We also took our girls on the trip and they had a blast!

One of our girls on our Mexico trip was to fully enjoy every part of the trip with our kids – the activities, the amenities, and the food! Being a mom of girls, modeling healthy eating is something that is constantly front of mind. I want my girls to see me have a healthy relationship with food.

So, going into our trip I wanted to create a solid game plan on my “vacation diet.” Rather than indulge in all the food and drinks, I wanted to find a way to eat healthy while still splurging. I followed some loose guidelines while we were there and thoroughly enjoyed the week. I didn’t feel deprived, but also maintained a healthy relationship with food.

When we came back home I definitely felt bloated as I drank alcohol more than I typically do during a week. However, when I got on the scale when we got back I hadn’t gained a single pound. It was refreshing to see that I was able to sustain my normal weight while still getting to eat dessert and share virgin pina coladas with my girls!

riviera maya mexico

morning sound meditation on the beach; mental health is just as important as physical health!

Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation:

  1. SET GOALS AHEAD OF TIME – if you set goals ahead of time, you’re more likely to keep them. Set realistic goals though; goals that are attainable. I set the simple goal of moving every day and gave myself freedom as to what that would look like. Some times I got a gym workout in and other days I simply went on a beach walk with my girls.
  2. MAKE TIME TO MOVE DAILY – I’ve found that if I bring my workout clothes I’m more likely to workout. So, I packed several workout outfits that would work for various types of workouts. The great thing about working out on vacation is that you can make it fit your daily schedule. Workouts can be in a gym or something as simple as a walk along the beach.
    • Utilize the gym – our resort had a gym and because I typically wake up before the rest of my family I went to the gym several days. I walked on the treadmill and did a light weight workout.
    • Walk on the beach – several days I simply took a long walk along the beach with my girls or our family. Just moving my body and getting steps in felt good!
    • Pool workout – my oldest, Emma Grace, is on a swim team, so we got up one morning and swam laps together. It was so fun!
    • Resort-led workouts – most beach resorts offer group workouts. For example, ours led a water aerobics class every day at noon that we participated in. It was fun and a great arm workout!
  3. SKIP ON THE FRUITY DRINKS – skipping the fruity drinks will save you a lot of calories. Most of the fruity drinks like Pina Coladas are packed with sugar and calories. They add up quickly and typically leaving you feel gross. Try opting for clear liquid (tequila or vodka) with soda and lime – lighter and more refreshing!
  4. SAVE YOUR DRINKS FOR DINNER – rather than sipping on sugary drinks all day by the pool, save your alcoholic beverage as a treat in the evening. This was easy to do on our Mexico trip as our girls were with us, but it’s a good habit to get in either way. Enjoy a glass of wine or your cocktail of choice in the evening. This will help you do reduce the sheer number of calories/sugar you’re consuming.
  5. PICK THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO SPLURGE ON – complete deprivation of sweet treats or fun drinks never seems to work for me. So, I let myself indulge daily on something. Sometimes it was a dessert after dinner and sometimes it was a mango margarita poolside. Allowing yourself to have small splurges keeps you from completely giving up on your healthy habits and overindulging.
  6. DRINK LOTS OF WATER –  staying hydrated always seems to be harder on vacation. Making an effort to stay hydrated however, will keep you hydrated AND full. I’ve found that if I already feel full, I’m less likely to reach for a fruity drink.
  7. PARTICIPATE IN GROUP ACTIVITIES – whether it’s a group activity or an activity the resort offers, take advantage of them! From free group activities like water aerobics or beach volleyball to private activities like kayaking, it’s so easy to find a way to move!

riviera maya mexico

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riviera maya mexico

morning swim with Emma Grace