Summer 2022 Capsule Wardrobe – Feminine, Versatile, And Affordable

summer capsule wardrobe

Hi, babe!

The summer capsule wardrobe is finally here!

summer capsule wardrobe:

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I am so excited to be launching my 2022 summer capsule wardrobe today. Monthly capsule wardrobes are so fun to create! Ever since I started creating capsule wardrobes I’ve found myself wearing my clothes a lot more. It encourages me to get creative and learn to style each piece more than one way.

During the fall, winter, and spring months, I feel like the weather shifts so frequently that each month has it’s own theme; each month has it’s unique pieces. When it comes to summer however, I truly do find myself wearing the same basic things over and over. I seem to grab the same denim shorts, the same white dress, and the same sandals over and over.

To me, summer wardrobes should be easy, comfortable, and very versatile. A summer wardrobe should include some classically shaped sunglasses, sandals that go with almost any outfit, dresses you can wear during the day or night, and of course a versatile swim suit.

So, rather than create a separate capsule for June, July, and August, I’ve created a capsule for the summer season. My hope is that you will feel inspired by this summer capsule wardrobe. This capsule is feminine, classic, neutral, affordable, and very versatile. I’ve linked all of the exact pieces above, but my hope is that you can use this to find pieces in your own closet that mimic these pieces. This summer capsule wardrobe is meant to inspire you and give you a good starting point.

I think my favorite thing about this summer capsule wardrobe is that it works for whatever your summer may entail. You can create outfits to wear if you’re spending the summer at home, at the beach, or traveling to Italy! It’s an incredibly versatile wardrobe.