the weekend edit 7.5.20

fleurdille the weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. Everyone and their mom needs this portable vacuum in their car.
  2. Ordered this $22 strapless bra off Amazon and I love it; super comfortable and doesn’t slide down.
  3. Cannot wait for these biker shorts to get it. The reviews were crazy good!
  4. Ordered these leggings for $22 and they were originally $75. Y’all, they fit so well!
  5. These have been my favorite joggers for 3 years now.
  6. This jumpsuit will be in the July capsule wardrobe and it’s perfect to wear now and in the Fall/Winter!
  7. Finally broke down and got this sweater blazer (after eyeing it for a year) on major sale. It’s still on sale, too!
  8. How cute is this $15 bodysuit? The reviews are so great, too!
  9. Cannot wait for our new dining room rug to get in!
  10. This is the cookbook we cannot stop cooking out of; every single thing we’ve made has been so good!