top 5 june amazon purchases

Hi, babes! Happy Friday and cheers to a fun-filled holiday weekend! As we close out June I thought it would be fun to share with you all my favorite Amazon purchases. I’ve always been a big Amazon shopper, but it’s seemed to really escalate during Corona. Surely I’m not the only one…

Anyway, instead of sharing everything I’ve purchased from Amazon, I thought I’d just share with you all my top 5 purchases from June. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite Amazon purchases have been too, so feel free to let me know in the comments!



As a minimalist jewelry wearer, I rarely purchase new pieces of jewelry. I have the few pieces I like and I tent to stick to them. I have really loved the mini hoop trend I’ve been seeing though and wanted to give it a try without investing a lot of money it new earrings I may only wear for a season.

One of my sweet blogger friends, Blair, was wearing this gold pair and this cubic zarconia pair and they looked so dang precious on her. So, I ordered both and haven’t taken them off since!

I like jewelry I can sleep in, so I was curious if it would hurt to sleep in these mini hoops, but I haven’t noticed them at all. All this to say, for less than $14 per set, you can upgrade your minimalist jewelry with the most adorable mini hoops.


Several weeks ago Trav and I decided it was time to do a little bedding refresh in our master. Previously, we had a white duvet that I loved, but over the years it started to get discolored. We also have a black and tan mini dachshund so keeping black hairs off the white bedding was a constant battle.

As I started looking for new bedding Trav’s one stipulation was that I choose any color except white. Y’all know I love my whites, but I agreed to pick something with a bit of color. In my nightly amazon searches I ended up finding this duvet set in a perfect neutral color – “beige.” I figured that the beige color would allow me to switch out accent pillows, euro shams, and throw blankets for each season.

The duvet set itself was only $24.99 and it had a solid 4 star review. Most of the reviews said how soft the duvet was and how easy it was to wash and maintain. So, I decided to give it a go. We ended up loving and I actually shared out bedding refresh here if you’d like all the details regarding the pillows and blankets we picked, too.


If you purchase one thing from me this month, let it be these pillows. Y’all, I cannot tell you enough how life changing they are. First of all, did you know you’re supposed to switch our your pillows every 1-2 years? Yea, me either. Trav and I have had the same pillows since we got married…9 years ago.

When we found out we needed to replace basically all of our pillows, I freaked a bit. Spending hundreds of dollars on pillows was not really what I wanted to be spending my money on. Then I came across this 2-pack of gel pillows and after reading through some of the 12,000+ reviews (it has a 4.5 star rating), I decided to give it a go.

Y’all, the very first night we slept on them we were sold. We both slept extremely well and have slept great since! We will definitely be replacing the rest of the pillows in our house with these. Oh, and the best part is the two-pack is only $39!


When it comes to coverups, I like to find a couple for the season that I can wear over any suit. I purchased this one early on in the summer and love it for the days I go to the pool with my girls. I also wanted one that was a bit more fun too. I found this cardigan coverup and truly love the breezy vibe it gives off. The fabric blows in the wind and the little pom poms on the hem are such a fun, playful detail.


Raise your hand if you lose sunglasses easily? I sure do! I have worn this pair of sunglasses for almost 5 years now and somehow have managed not to lose them. However, I don’t trust myself to wear them in the summer when I’m spending time at the pool or the lake. So, when summer rolls around I grab a couple cheap pairs of sunglasses that won’t break my heart of I lose them or one of my girls grabs them off my face in the pool.

I haven’t worn aviators in awhile, so I tried to find a pair for this summer. I landed on this set of 2  – one black and one tortoise – for only $22! Such a steal! I’ve been wearing them for almost a month and am happy to report that they fit great and don’t hurt at all or rub funky on your ears. I definitely will recommend them to anyone!