the most affordable way to update your master bedroom

affordable way update master bedroom

We are full steam ahead with little home projects over here. We’re continuing to update both our outdoor spaces and the indoors. Last weekend we planted a new flower bed and added some new perennials to our garden. I’m already brewing up some ideas for projects this coming weekend (don’t tell Trav).

As I mentioned before, we’ve also been making some affordable updates inside our home, too. A couple of days ago I shared how we made some inexpensive frames in our dining room look expensive and today I wanted to share a bedroom refresh with you guys.

an affordable way to update your master bedroom:

The absolute easiest and most affordable way to update your master bedroom, is to get new bedding. I also think it’s the most fun update to do, too!

Several weeks ago we decided to part ways with our not-so-white-anymore duvet cover. It lasted us 4 years, but with two kids and a black dog, it was probably not the smartest idea. Trav’s only condition for our new bedding was to avoid white bedding. Done.

Not only was I up for his non-white bedding challenge, but I issued my own challenge to myself. I wanted to see if I could update our bedding, and get the exact look I was going for, for less than $150. Guess what? I came out only spending $123 AND everything I found was from Amazon so it was quick and easy.


The first thing I suggest doing when you want to update your bedding is to find inspiration. I typically search pinterest for designs I like, but magazines work just as well.


Once I have a general idea of what I want, I start searching for the bedding and the pillows. It’s so easy to fall in love with throw pillows, but start big. And by starting big I mean get the biggest thing first, which is typically your duvet or quilt. Then once you have the main event – your duvet – you can start shopping for the smaller items like shams and accent pillows.

For me, I try to choose bedding that is generally neutral and made of a fabric that will breath well no matter the season. I do this because it makes it really easy to switch out pillows and throw blankets throughout the seasons.


After you have the main part of your bedding, you can shop for the small stuff. I like adding several layers of pillows so I usually grab some euro shams, some accent pillows, and a throw blanket or two.

affordable way update master bedroom


duvet cover: $24.99

grey euro shams: $21.99

pink accent pillows: $14.99

black accent pillow: old

new pillow (set of 2): $39.99


two must-have bedding items:


These pillows have changed our lives! I don’t know why really, but pillows are just something we’re so bad at replacing. It’s just out of sight, out of mind even though it’s something we use nightly. I found the set of pillows linked above on Amazon though, and the ratings were so good that I thought we’d give it a try. We did and we both love them. They are the perfect firmness and still shape to your head. Neither of us have had any neck aches and we both agree we’ve slept better since getting them!


I cannot say enough good things about this blanket. It’s a weighted blanket, but it breaths so well. I’ve been using mine since winter and thought that I wouldn’t be able to use it in the summer because I’d get too hot. Well, I’ve learned that the trick to staying cool with a weighted blanket is to put the weighted blanket UNDER your sheet and cover. I’m telling y’all, once you get a weighted blanket you’ll never go back because you legit sleep so well!