the weekend edit 12.22.19

fleurdille the weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. The MVP award goes to this $9 sweater and $9 matching sweat pants from Walmart.
  2. I’ve been writing in a Thankfulness journal in the mornings and it’s been a great way to start my days!
  3. I lost my POGO water bottle…guess I’ll have to get another one!
  4. I tried FP Movement for the first time and their leggings are truly very comfortable and suck you in like spanx.
  5. Abby got a lot of compliments on her $15 velour dress this past week.
  6. Debating if I should bring my weighted blanket to my in-laws over the holidays…
  7. I’ve had so much fun layering other necklaces with this under $50 pendant necklace.
  8. Trying a home remedy – elderberry syrup – to keep the rest of my family flu-free. Have you tried it?
  9. How cute is this under $50 hat?
  10. Anyone else getting excited for NYE? I think I’m going to order this $20 sequin top. So many outfit possibilities!