The Best Way to Prepare for Black Friday Sales

madewell chunky pink oversized cardigan

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madewell chunky pink oversized cardigan

Hey, loves! Anyone else as excited as I am for Thanksgiving? Admittedly, I have been quite wrapped up in all things Christmas, but we did a little Thanksgiving prep this past weekend and it’s making me so pumped. We are spending the holiday in Dallas this year with my husband’s family, which means a big ole family get together with lots and lots of food. In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to share how many sides we plan on making…curious to know? I’ll share later on my instagram stories, so be sure to follow along on instagram!

madewell chunky pink oversized cardigan

Even though some of us (me) have already given into the Christmas fun, Thanksgiving is the true kickoff to the holiday season I feel like. It kicks off a season of holiday parties, time with family, and shopping…lots and lots of shopping. I know a lot of you purchase Christmas gifts prior to December. Heck some of you probably purchase gifts all year round. I keep running lists for my family members and try and buy little things here and there when I can to avoid a big financial hit.

Speaking of finances, how many of you get stressed with the financial piece of buying gifts. It’s crazy how fast things can add up. So, to all my bargain shoppers out there, let’s get smart about how we shop for Christmas gifts this year! One of the biggest ways I save money is to shop Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales.

I’ve never been the kind of gal who waits in line all night to be the first in line on Black Friday, but I do take advantage of the sales! As our society shifts to a more mobile-dependent society, more and more brands have online sales in addition to their in-store sales on Black Friday. Today I’m going to share some ways we can prepare for Black Friday sales to save us time, money, and remain stress-free.

Preparing for Black Friday Sales:

  • Get Lists Ahead of Time: Y’all, I used to be so against creating Christmas lists, but the older I get the more value I find in them. For one they make it so easy to shop for someone and a great guide to go off of even if you want to buy your own gift. Last year we turned in our Christmas lists a bit early and it was the smartest thing we had ever done. We all loved it because it allowed us to take advantage of the Black Friday sales that were going on. I think Travis and I got over half of our family gifts from Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. So, with Black Friday less than 2 weeks away, go ahead and start asking your family members for their Christmas lists!
  • Determine your “big price point” items: If you have some big items or “Santa gifts” to get your kids, take advantage of Black Friday and get them at a major discount.
  • Set a reminder: If you’re a sleepy head like me, you don’t want to miss out on the action. Sales go live at midnight (some places even sooner), so set a reminder on your phone to wake you up. If there aren’t any high price point items you’re looking for, you’re probably good to go to wait until the morning. But, if you’re in the market for a high price point item, it will go fast so get it early.
  • Check online, too: Yes, Black Friday sales are technically in store as opposed to Cyber Monday sales (online), but you’d be surprised how many retailers to both on Black Friday. So, if you are cozied up in your home and don’t want to brave the crowds or the cold, check online! The deals might not be as good online as in store, but trust me, there will be sales galore!
  • Take advantage of me/Fleurdille: Let me be your resource! One of the best parts about my job is getting to help you guys and that includes shopping for you guys! I will a BLACK FRIDAY top on the top of my blog for you to utilize. It will include a link to stores and brands and will list what their sales are. I will also keep a running tab of my favorite sale items from Black Friday. So, if you’re overwhelmed by the big hoopla of Black Friday, don’t be. Check with me at Fleurdille for an easy access guide to all the best sales!

madewell chunky pink oversized cardiganmadewell chunky pink oversized cardigan

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