The Best Holiday Gift Guide for the Entertainter

gift guide for the entertainer

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Y’all, Christmas is so close you can almost smell it! Or if you live in our house you can actually smell it because all the candles burning in our home are pine or peppermint scented. Continuing on with the christmas theme, last night I went to my first holiday event of the season and honestly felt a little out of my element. It was a shopping event and I truly did get a bit flustered. We haven’t received any Christmas gift lists from relatives yet and I haven’t given teachers’ gifts a moment of my time yet.

I know you’re probably seeing every blogger under the sun post a gift guide, but I kinda like them. In fact, I think they are so helpful. It’s kind of nice to let someone else to the grunt work and honestly, I enjoy doing it! I love sifting through what’s out there to find the best products for you guys! It also helps me determine what to buy for my own family and friends.

I will be posting a gift guide every Tuesday and Thursday from now until Christmas for all types of friends or family members. To kick off our 2018 gift guides, we are focusing on the entertainer. What better gift guide right? I mean holiday events are starting to kick off whether they are for friends, work or family gatherings. Knowing what to bring a host or hostess is so helpful for me. I typically pick a price point that works within our budget and go from there.

When shopping for a host or hostess gift, I try to keep a few things in mind. First, I look for gifts they could actually use while entertaining. Things like candles or wine stoppers. I also look for items they could regift – nice wine holders; they’re pretty and fun, but easily regiftable. The last thing I consider when buying a gift for a host/hostess is getting them something they will be inspired by – a good cookbook or book on entertaining. This book has been my go-to gift so far this season!