the best products for a 5 min makeup regimen

5 minute summer makeup regimen

Hi, babes! Today we’re chatting about my go-to makeup regimen. We’re talking minimal products and effort and big impact. So often I find that in the heat of the summer less is more. But even though I want to spend less time and wear less makeup, I still want a big impact.

Over the past couple of months I have been perfecting my 5 minute makeup regimen to include products that work well and last long. Everything in today’s post is something I use and swear by. Since I have been slowly switching over to clean beauty products, most of the products I’m recommending today are clean beauty products, but I will still include some tried and true products that provide good skin protection.

summer skin protection:

Speaking of skin protection, I should note that taking care of our skin should be every woman’s number one goal, especially in the summer. For me, good skin protection includes sunscreen and coverage from UVB and UVA rays. To combat damage, I start my day by putting SPF moisturizer on before I even start my makeup regimen. I then carry this SPF powder in my purse and put it on over my makeup every couple of hours. My dermatologist actually recommended this product to me after informing me how much sun damage comes from the window of our car! Eek!

In addition to my sunscreen applications, I typically wear a hat any time I am out in the sun. That means I wear a hat when I’m in the pool, at the beach, on a run, or just playing with my girls in the backyard. My go-to hats for the past year have been my Bahadu hats. I wear this one¬†all the time when I’m running around with my girls or out on a day date with the hubs. I love this athletic hat when I run and when I am having pool time with the girls.

The last thing I will recommend for skin protection is to get yearly skin checks. I had mine this week and my husband does them regularly as well. If you’re like me, you probably baked in the sun when you were younger and spent one too many hours in the tanning bed. Our skin changes so quickly and it deserves a little extra attention. If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend my dermatologist, Dr. Austin at Austin & Reddick Dermatology.

5 min summer makeup regimen:

The key to summer makeup in my opinion is using minimal products and finding products that feel light on your skin. I find that in the summer the pool is usually part of our day-to-day routine, so minimal makeup is key. With the makeup regimen below I can complete my entire summer makeup routine in under 5 minutes! It’s fool proof!

  1. tinted moisturizer – tinted moisturizer is key. It’s thinner than foundation, but still gives you a little bit of color to even out your skin tone. My favorite tinted moisturizers are Elta MD and Beautycounter (clean). If you have acne or melasma like me and a need a bit of extra coverage, I highly recommend this foundation. It’s not heavy or cakey at all and provides great coverage!
  2. concealer Рthis concealer pen is a great way to brighten your face a bit! I use my concealer under my eyes and then in place of eyeshadow, I actually put the concealer on my eyelids to brighten them as well!
  3. Highlighter Рadding a highlighter to your regimen brightens your face and gives you a dewy glow for summer! I currently use two different kinds. I keep this one (available on prime) in my bathroom and this highlighter stick in my purse for touch ups!
  4. blush/lip duo – nothing makes your face pop quite like a little color. I am LOVING this cream blush stick for it’s natural color and for the fact that it doubles as a lip color! It goes on so smooth and lasts for hours!
  5. eyeliner (OPTIONAL)¬†– if you have long lashes or dark features, you may not need eyeliner as part of your summer regimen. I however, have small eyes and even smaller eyelashes, so I can use all the help I can get to make my eyes visible. I do like to tone down my eyeliner however during summer, so lately I’ve been using this brown eye pencil and loving how smooth it goes on!
  6. mascara¬†– simple and chic is key here. I love this lengthening mascara. It makes a big impact but doesn’t feel or look clumpy or thick at all! It’s not waterproof, but mine rarely comes off in the pool.