The Best Heart Outfits for Valentine’s Day

valentines day heart outfit inspiration

Happy Friyay, loves! I am so jazzed that the weekend is finally here! It has been quite a week over here. I started back to work for speech therapy, the girls went back to school, and I started Fast Track to Fit. I think FTTF is going to be an awesome experience and a great lifestyle change. Already I’m understanding macronutrients better, getting a better grasp of what I should and shouldn’t be putting in my body, and the workouts are killer! All that to say, tonight’s wine night is much needed!

Have y’all started to notice a common theme at stores this week? It’s out with Christmas and in with Valentine’s Day decor! So crazy, but I’m not mad about it. In fact, I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. In fact, I have a little soft spot for this holiday. I feel like people so often write it off as a hallmark holiday, but it is so much more fun than that! Honestly, I’ve never had more fun celebrating Valentine’s Day than since I had my girls. My mom always made Valentine’s Day so fun for us growing up and I’m loving carrying on the tradition.

The main tradition I’ve passed on is the formal “red dinner.” Growing up, my mom would always set the table in our dining room with cloth napkins and nice dishes. She would turn the lights low, set candles, and make it feel romantic. But the food was anything but romantic – it was quirky and fun! Every single thing we ate or drank had to be red or pink. Think hot cheetos, fruit punch, strawberries, just the biggest hodge podge of Valentine’s Day themed food. She also filled these beautiful vintage glass ice cream flutes with our favorite candy and had little presents on our chair.

Last year I started this with my girls and I’m so excited to do it again! I’ve also had more fun since kids with what I wear on Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it. Don’t get me wrong, buying a cute or sexy dress if you’re going out with your significant other is great! But, having a bit of fun, getting something a little more playful, is just as great! Recently I got this heart sweater from Madewell and y’all, best purchase of the month! When I originally saw it I thought to myself, “I’ll never wear a sweater with hearts all over it.” Well, then I tried it on and I was pretty much forced to get it because it was so soft.

my top 10 heart outfits:

  1. Heart Patched Knit Sweater ($49) – this sweater is hands down my favorite heart piece for Valentine’s Day. I got this sweater last year and wore it a ton. I love that it’s not overwhelmingly heart-y. It looks classy from the front and just has the sweetest detailing on the elbows. It’s also under $50, which is a major bonus. This sweater comes in several colors, too, like navy and pink. This was one of y’all’s favorites from last year too as it was one of my top selling items!
  2. Heart Dot Pullover Sweater ($98) – this is the Madewell sweater I was telling you guys about earlier in this post and it needs to be in your closet. On softness alone, you need this guy. It’s super cute on it’s own and looks great layered over a turtleneck as well.
  3. Glitter Heart Earrings ($38) – these earrings are so stinking festive!! They are feminine, flirty, and the perfect pair of earrings to wear in February. I love that they’re fun, but look subtle when they’re on your ears.
  4. Heart Shaped Sunglasses ($16) – um…the cutest aviators ever! At only $16, too, how can you pass these guys up? I honestly think they’d be cute to wear all year long!
  5. Crewneck Heart Knitted Sweater ($25) – yet another cute heart sweater. This one comes with free 2-day shipping, too! I love this one and it’s currently in my shopping cart. I love how the model styled it, but I think it would look amazing paired with faux leather leggings.
  6. Heart Chenille Crewneck Pullover Sweater ($31) – this sweater is another great find! It comes in 3 color options, but I think the cream is the cutest. It has the daintiest hearts and is no doubt so soft!
  7. Heart Knot Ring ($50) – this sterling silver ring is such a great piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day and to wear all year long. It’s a great gift to give yourself, a girlfriend, or ask your love to get it for you! It’s great quality and just went on my wish list.
  8. Gingham & Heart Print Satin Shorty Pajama Set ($48) – anyone else plan on spending Valentine’s Day in their PJs? I am predicting I’ll be changing into mine fairly quickly after dinner. I love this adorable heart print pajama set and it’s a great price point. I like, too, that it’s not overly Valentine’s Day feeling and can be worn all year long.
  9. Sea Salt Sweater ($108) – this sweater is a bit pricey, but I think it’s one of the most versatile sweaters. The light grey looks great on everyone. It’s subtle, too, which lends itself to many outfit possibilities. It could be worn to work with a skirt, layered over a dress, worn with jeans, or paired with leggings.
  10. My Heart Belongs to My Dog Sweatshirt ($108) – again pricey, but so worth it. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for all my dog moms. If I didn’t have kids, I would most definitely be curled up in my bed with our dog, Mia, sipping red wine in this sweatshirt.

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