5 beauty resolutions every girl should make this year + a gift for you!

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Happy Tuesday, loves! Today is my first day back at work for speech therapy and I am on major holiday withdrawal. Yesterday, our last day of holiday break, was over 70 degrees! I mean, how do you beat that in January? Although it is a bit weird to have that warm of a day mid-winter, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. It was so nice to be outside in shorts and feel the warm sun. And, it got me super pumped for Spring! It’s like once Christmas is done I’m all wintered out and ready for a change in wardrobe and temps!

madewell stripe ruffle hem top

Speaking of change, how are we doing on our resolutions ladies? We’re 8 days in and so far I’m still going strong. I shared some of my resolutions with you all last week and loved sharing the reasoning behind by 2019  word of the year.

5 Beauty Resolutions for Every Girl

  1. wash your face – this seems so simple, but I guarantee I’m not the only gal that forgets to wash her face at night. One of the simplest ways for us to keep our skin clear and breakout free is simply by washing our faces. So often we get cozy in bed and can’t get motived. However, if we want clear, healthy skin, we have to wash off that grime from the day!
  2. be mindful of your products – I spoke a bit about this in my NY resolution post linked above, but I think this resolution is relevant to all women. No matter where you are on the clean beauty products spectrum, we should all educate or begin to educate ourselves on what is in our beauty products. After all, these are products that seep into our pores all day long, so shouldn’t we know what we’re absorbing and what effect it will have on our skin?
  3. leave it alone – ladies, leave our face alone. Y’all, I am most definitely the girl who loves to pick zits, but I am starting to see the harm it can do to your skin. Let’s vow to leave our faces alone – no picking, limited touching throughout the day, etc. Let’s let our skin breath and clear up!
  4. protect – protect, protect, protect! We all need to be protecting our skin from the sun. My dermatologist came on the blog this past summer for a Q&A on sunscreen and I highly recommend checking it out! Sunscreen is something we need to be applying to our faces once if not multiple times a day.
  5. love on your teeth – don’t forget your teeth! Skin care is so important, but so is taking care of that beautiful smile of yours! Starting with the basics, be sure to brush twice daily. And the truth we all don’t want to hear – we need to be flossing. If you’re a pro flosser, well done! If you’re like me, it’s one of those things you only do consistently the week before your dental checkup. Taking care of the color of our teeth is also important. After days, months, and years of coffee and wine drinking, our pearly whites are sure to fade. Find a teeth whitener that works well and brighten those babies up!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Giveaway:

To help you guys jumpstart your beauty resolutions, I’ve partnered with a long-time favorite brand, Smile Brilliant, to give one of you $149 Smile Brilliant credit. Uh, hello white teeth! New year, new you, right? I used Smile Brilliant last January to whiten my teeth and loved my results. You can read my full review here. The results lasted me a long time and I am just now due for a little touch up!



madewell stripe ruffle hem topmadewell stripe ruffle hem topmadewell stripe ruffle hem topmadewell stripe ruffle hem top

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