The Best Beauty Products from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Hump Day, loves! I hope you’re all having an amazing week! We are 100% in vacation mode and are enjoying days filled with hikes and lake time! I’m also still enjoying sneaking away to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. How many of you shop the sale over a series of days and purchases? The sale is so big, that I find myself shopping one category at a time. Haha.

I finally got around to sifting through all the beauty products on sale and y’all, they are good! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found a lot of my favorite products on major discount. So, today’s post is all about sharing my favorite beauty products and tools. These are all products I use daily and below I explain a bit about each.


  • smokey eye brush set ($30) – if you’re like me, you don’t purchase make-up brushes often. I’ve had my eye brushes since college, so this year I’m ordering this set. It comes with 4 brushes and it’s pink!
  • urban decay naked2 basics set ($49) – I got this set a couple weeks ago and use it daily. The eye cream is super light and keeps my eyeshadow on all day. The eyeshadow palette is a great neutral palette and goes with every skin tone! The make up setting spray has also been a game changer; just a couple spritzes and your make-up stays on all day!
  • bobbi brown mini glow set ($32) – I got this with the sale, too! This is a great go-to make-up product for instant glow and shimmer. It’s great for the summer and just requires a few brush strokes and you have the perfect dewy glow. I love that it comes with the right brush, too!
  • mac nude lip trio ($36) – one of my go-to brands for lipstick is Mac. I love the way their lipstick glides on, it smells good, and it lasts. It also keeps your lips moisturized, which is key. This nude set is great for everyday wear and looks good on almost every skin tone!
  • neulash enhancing serum duo ($150) – okay, so I haven’t used this product…yet. But, I have seen it work on my best friend. I have tried every eyelash booster on the planet and nothing has worked that well. My girlfriend used this religiously for 6 months however, and it was unbelievable. Her eyelashes were so dang long! Y’all, she had to trim them they were so long! This is one product I can definitely get behind! It’s pretty pricey originally, so grab it on sale while you can!


  • oribe styling set ($60) – this is my ride or die hair product. It’s pricey so I don’t always have it on hand, but this deal is one we can’t pass up on! This set comes with my favorite dry shampoo and my favorite texturizing spray. Both of these work wonders, smell fabulous, and keep you hair feeling smooth and soft and not crunchy.
  • dry bar set ($52) – this is currently in my cart! I haven’t tried it yet but everyone under the sun says this is the best and this dry shampoo is also a good one!


  • clarins double serum set ($210) – y’all, I started using this serum a couple of months ago and I’m a fan for life. This set seems pricey at first, but you get TWO full size serums! This serum has been a heavy hitter in the skin care world for decades and is only perfected with age. It’s great for anti-aging and it’s super gentle on the skin. I use it morning and night!
  • supergoop SPF 50 sunscreen mist ($38) – you guys, I can’t say enough good things about Supergoop. Their sunscreen is some of the best. It’s our go-to and has been for two years. Feel free to read my full post on sunscreen as my dermatologist tells us why supergoop is her favorite, too!


  • voluspa candle set ($29.50) – these are some of my favorite candles, but they aren’t cheap! I try and stock up on some during the sale. Candles for both myself and to give as gifts.
  • yves saint laurent perfume set ($142) – this is my “date night” perfume and I’ve loved it for over a year. My husband gave me this for my birthday a couple of years ago and he loves it just as much as I do. I get compliments every time I wear it!
  • alien perfume set ($120) – this has been a go-to scent for years. My old roommate introduced me to this scent. Both my mom and I love this scent and have been wearing it for years. We love, too, that you can get it refilled at Nordstrom instead of having to buy a new bottle! Furthermore, we both get compliments on this daily when we wear it!
  • viktor & rolf flowerbomb perfume set ($135) – I’ve worn this scent for years and it’s my favorite day perfume. I wear this more than any perfume. I love the soft, floral (but not too floral) scent!


  • beautybio GloPRO ($169) – you guys, this set is normally $269! I just got my first gloPRO a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I had been dying to get one after hearing rave reviews. After using it for a couple of weeks, I understand what all the hype is about! This hand-held micro-needling tool helps rejuvenate your skin by creating new collagen to restore your skin; it evens skin-tone and decreases wrinkles!
  • t3 hair dryer ($134) – normally a $200 dryer, this is a steal! I have used this dryer for over a year and plan on it for many more! It’s light weight, quiet, and decreases frizz. My mom tried mine yesterday and loved it so much she bought this exact one today!
  • t3 curling iron ($107) – I don’t have this yet, but keep hearing the best things. Because I love the dryer so much, I’m adding this to my cart!
  • skinny dip manicure set ($23) – this may seem like an odd beauty favorite, and it kind of is! My husband has a manicure set that he keeps with him when he travels. The thing is though, I end up being the one that uses it all the time! I love how compact it is and that it has everything you need. So, this year, I’m getting my own!