How to Maintain Your Fitness Routine on Vacation


Happy Monday, friends! I’m back in Dallas and it feels so good! There’s just something about being home and getting back into your daily groove. We drove 16+ hours from Wisconsin to Dallas last night and woke up refreshed and ready for a full week. I’m not sure how, but I woke up and ran this morning and am so glad I did. While running, I chatted with some of you on instagram stories and asked if you wanted me to share some tips for maintaining your fitness routine while on vacation. The overwhelming majority of you said, yes!

So, I scratched today’s regularly scheduled programming and shifted gears. A couple of weeks ago it hit me that I’d be traveling most of July and then a minimum of 2 weekends per month through January. That’s a lot. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of temptation to eat crap and skip workouts.

I restarted BBG 6 weeks ago and I did not and do not want to kill the progress I’ve made so far. So, I promised myself that no matter where I was – the lake, camping, NYC, I would workout. My workouts might look a little different than they would in Dallas, but I would be active 4-6 days/week.

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts on how often one should workout, and what I’ve drawn one conclusion. You should strive to be active more than half of the week. So, out of 7 days, strive to workout at least 4 days/week. For me, I try to hit 6 days. I typically do my BBG workouts 3 days of the week and then run 3 times per week as well. BBG satisfies my weight workouts and running is my “me time” where I recharge and spend some time alone.

I’ve found that when I maintain my fitness routine, I not only begin to see physical results, but I see mental results as well. I’m calmer, I’m more energized, and I experience more clarity and creativity in my thoughts. All this to say, I have realized how important it is for me to stay on track. So, below are some of the tips I’ve started using on vacation to help me maintain my fitness routine when on vacation.

how to maintain your fitness routine on vacation


  • schedule your workouts – go into the week and schedule the days you can and want to workout. This past week I picked the days/times I knew no one would be doing anything so I wouldn’t feel like I was missing something. I find that when something is “set in stone,” I am way more apt to do it.
  • tell someone your plan – we all know accountability is key when working out, so tell someone your plan. I told my parents and my sister what I was going to do and when I was going to do it. This ended up working great because I had people asking me all week things like “oh hey, are you still planning on running 3 miles tomorrow?” or “do you still want to kayak this morning?” It was great!
  • workout first thing in the morning – this isn’t something I came up with by any means, but it is such a great tip! You are way more likely to do your workout if you do it first thing. If I don’t then I usually end up finding other things to do, grabbing a glass of wine, and ultimately I’m unable to motivate myself to workout.
  • change into your workout clothes when you wake up – this tip helps me get into the right mindset. Instead of staying in my cozy PJs, I change immediately into my workout clothes. This doesn’t mean I go immediately into my workout, but it keeps me on track. Most of the days on vacation last week I changed into my workout clothes, but then enjoyed breakfast with my family and friends.
  • allow for flexibility – I can be very type-A, so this is hard for me, but flexibility is key. This keeps you from feeling guilt or tearing yourself down if you don’t workout at the time you planned or the day you planned. For example, there was one day I planned on running 3 miles, but family plans made it difficult. So, I opted to make that day my “rest day.” I enjoyed my family and the lake and ran the next day.
  • find a workout buddy – I love a good workout buddy. I asked my family members before I even got on vacation if they wanted to workout with me. My sister opted to be my running buddy and my parents did a BBG workout with me.
  • find a fitness app or youtube channel – if you aren’t going to have access to a gym, find something that will work for you. For me, I love running outdoors so I usually run. I also am going through BBG, so I use that fitness app for workouts. There are plenty of apps and youtube channels for yoga, bodyweight workouts, etc.
  • plan your meals/bring your food – You won’t be able to plan every one of your meals on vacation, but you can plan some. I brought my favorite RX Bars for my breakfasts and mentally prepped for the other meals. I told myself I would stay on track with not eating processed foods and other tempting foods I knew I would be around.
  • indulge from time to time – for me, indulging from time-to-time helps me stay on track. If I limit myself completely, I usually end up binging and falling way off track. So, there were times I allowed myself to have a handful of chips or eat a small cookie.

how to maintain your fitness routine on vacation