New Year, Same Skincare Regimen (+ All of My Skincare Favorites)

Hey, girl!

one of the things I’m most proud of from 2022 was perfecting my skincare regimen. I used to think that I needed to only wear one brand and use all of their products. But, over the course of last year, I tried new products and new brands and formed my ultimate skincare regimen. Obviously, I will continue to try new things, but for now, it works!

One of the brands I tried last year and immediately fell in love was was FRÉ Skincare. All of their products are made with their pattoned Argania Active Complex which works to do four main things – fight acne and breakouts, combat premature aging, deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, and restore your skin’s natural barrier. And I can honestly say that after incorporating some of their products into my skincare regimen that I have seen my skin improve drastically. My skin is more hydrated when I use their products and my wrinkles are less visible.

fre skincare products

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The health of our skin depends on a lot more than just what products we use in the bathroom, but products do play a key role. So, in this post I’m going to share the products I use on a daily basis, my favorite serums, my go-to masks, and my favorite products to use at night.

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my morning skincare regimen

Every morning I go through the same routine when I am getting ready. I go from my toner to my setting powder and I truly feel like my skin has never looked better. I rarely breakout, my skin tone is more even, my dark spots are less visible, and my fine lines are also less visible.

When it comes to wrinkles, I will say that I get botox to help with the big guys, but genetically I have a lot of fine lines around my eyes and that’s where a good products come in to play. Below you’ll find my daily morning lineup of products!

morning skincare regimen

  1. CLEANSERthis is the most gentle and the best smelling cleanser. My husband loves it, too!
  2. TONER – this is my very favorite toner and it smells so good, too!
  3. SERUM – I love this firming serum (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) as it help prevent damage from sweat and harmful environmental toxins. It also nourishes and hydrates your skin.
  4. VITAMIN C SERUM – I will always wear a vitamin C serum as I suffer from melasma so I’m constantly trying to decrease dark spots and even out my skin tone. This Vitamin C serum (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) is by far my favorite lending the best results and goes on smoothly.
  5. EYE CREAM – this is my favorite eye cream (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) as it actually does work to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And best of all, it goes on smooth and thin so it lays easily under makeup.
  6. FACIAL OIL – this facial oil (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) blends 5 super oils together to create a protective barrier for your skin that locks in moisture, provides deep hydration, and leaves you with a natural glow.
  7. SUNSCREEN/MOISTURIZER – not a day goes by that I don’t wear sunscreen and this tinted sunscreen is my favorite. It’s so moisturizing and is 40 SPF. The fact that it’s tinted, too, means that I don’t have to wear a moisturizer over my sunscreen – it acts as both!
  8. CONCEALER – this concealer is the very best product I’ve found to brighten up your dark circles and hide any blemishes you may have.

my nightly skincare regimen

Just like I have a set of products I use every morning, I also have my go-to products in the evening. I almost always use this facial oil by FRÉ Skincare, but I swap out my night cream based on the needs of my skin that day.

fleurdille nightly skin regimen

  1. CLEANSER – I use these make-up eraser towels to get my eye make-up off because they are so gentle. Then I use this cleanser. It’s so dang gentle on your skin and feels so good. If I’m breaking out at all, I’ll use this cleanser.
  2. TONER – I use the same toner morning at night!
  3. SERUM – at night I either use the same serum that I use in the morning, or I will use this hyaluronic acid serum from DIME. I love the DIME serum as it helps lock in moisture and it leaves your skin glowing and feeling tighter. (CODE: AnnaC20)
  4. FACIAL OIL – at night I flip-flop between the I AM LOVE serum (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) and the Squalane serum.
  5. NIGHT CREAM – when I need a deep hydration, I either use this TBT cream (CODE: ANNAC20) or this RECOVER ME cream.
  6. EYE CREAM – for eye cream, I stick to the same one (stackable code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off) in my morning routine as it doesn’t clog my pores at all.

my go-to facial masks:

Y’all know I love a good mask, and over the past year I have created my holy grail mask collection. Each mask serves a purpose and I use them all in frequent rotation. It should go without saying, but all of the masks below can be paired with my favorite chin mask and my very favorite eye masks.

discount codes:

FRÉ SKINCARE – code: “fleurdille” for 20% off

DIME BEAUTY – code: “AnnaC20” for 20% off



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