8 Shower Essentials For The Best Skin and Hair Care

shower essentials

Do you have bath essentials you can’t live without? If I’m being honest, I never really cared too much about what products I used in the shower. I’ve always used dove soap and apart from that, any other products I used were usually items that were gifted to me.

Throughout 2020 though, I started to really pay close attention to the products I was using in the shower. If I care so much about the skincare and makeup products I use for my face, why wasn’t I showing the same care for my body?

I can honestly say that after months of trying out new products, I finally found a set of products I swear by. Each serves a different purpose and each one is worth having in my opinion. I promise that I will never say I “love” something or “swear by” something unless I truly do. I also try my best to use any product I recommend for at least a month so I can truly speak to the product.

So, below you’ll find a list of products I keep on constant rotation in my shower and a bit about why I like each of them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

8 Shower Essentials:

1. Necessaire The Body Exfoliator (Sandalwood) – $30

Did you know you should be exfoliating your skin 1-2 times per week? Yep! Exfoliating is so good as it removes dead skin and keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth. I usually exfoliate on Sundays and Wednesdays. I love this specific exfoliator for how fine it is. It is so gentle on your skin and the Sandalwood scent is heavenly!

There are fragrance-free options for all Necessaire products which means they are without synthetic, without fragrance, and without essential oils.

2. Necessaire The Body Wash (Sandalwood) – $25

This body wash not only cleanses your skin, but it nourishes it as well. This specific body wash contains 3 types of oils – Marula, Cacay, and Meadowfoam, that all work to soften your skin. And again, the Sandalwood scent is to die for!

3. Buff City Shower Oil (Narcissist) – $15

Buff City Soap was a company introduced to me during this past year. Their products are free of harsh chemicals, detergents and preservatives. I started using this oil last year and I freaking love it. In fact, Abby (my youngest) loves it even more than I do and we both use it in the same way.

I use this product at the end of my shower routine. I spray a light mist over my body and it keeps my skin dewy and moisturized. It’s truly been a great product to use through the winter, too! Abby loves it because it makes her skin smooth. It’s actually super cute. Every time she uses it she’ll make me feel her skin over and over to feel how smooth it is.

4. Buff City Soap Body & Foot Scrub (Narcissist) – $15

Again, I was introduced to Buff City Soap’s products this past year and have become a big fan. I was never consistent about exfoliating my body until recently and I’ve seen a major difference. I really like this specific body scrub because of how gentle it is on my skin. It has several essential oils in it, so while it’s exfoliating your skin, it’s also moisturizing it. I highly recommend it!

5. ACV Scalp Scrub – $38

Dp Hue products are some of my favorite hair care products. I’ve bene using the dp Hue oil for quite some time, but recently started using the scalp scrub. Honestly, I didn’t know the benefits of a scalp scrub, but it’s something we should all be doing! I use this scrub weekly to remove dead skin and build up from hair care products.

6. Kerastase Hair Mask – $62

In addition to using a scalp scrub to take better care of my scalp, I also started to take better care of the health of my hair. I

7. Beautycounter Cococream Cleanser – $29

I have two different cleansers I swear by. One I use outside of the shower and one I keep in the shower. The one I keep in the shower is the Cococream Cleanser by Beautycounter. I like to keep this one in the shower because it works for both Travis and me. It’s super gentle on your skin and yet it still works well enough to wash all my makeup off. I highly recommend it.

The one I keep outside of the shower is the Clear Pore Cleanser that exfoliates and works to control my acne better.

8. Frank Body Express-O Coffee Scrub – $20

I’ve tried several of the body scrubs by Frank Body, but one of the biggest issues I have with scrubs is that they are just messy. This seems to be especially true for coffee scrubs. BUT, I find this particular one to be different. This one is a squeeze pouch with a lid (say good-bye to messes), so it’s easy to open and apply. It’s also super fine, so a little goes a long way and makes a smaller mess. I love the way this one smells and use it weekly!

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