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Do you have a morning and evening skincare routine?

One of the best things to come from 2020 was ample time to perfect my evening skincare regimen. There are several tried and true products I’ve always used, but I tried several new products throughout this past year, too.

The main skincare issues for me are dehydrated skin, oily skin, and adult acne. I found products that truly work for my skin and produce great results. But, in the past month I added one product that was a true game-changer – my facial steamer.

I had seem some women use them and rave about them and decided to give them a try. After all, I’m not sure when I’ll get to go in to get a facial at a spa any time soon. So, I ordered this facial cleanser during Black Friday sales and have loved it from the second I tried it.

So, after adding the steamer to my nightly routine I thought I’d share my whole regimen with you guys. As I stated before, this regimen has transformed my skin. My skin is more moisturized, less broken out, and my pores feel tighter and smaller. I highly recommend everything below!

Evening Skincare Routine:

Double Cleanse – cleansing balm + coconut cleanser

Do you double cleanse? I started to this past year and have definitely noticed a difference in how clean I get my face. The idea behind double cleansing is that the first cleanser you use removes your makeup and excess dirt and oils. Then, the second cleanser directly targets your type of skin. For example, I struggle with adult acne, so my second cleanser focuses on treating my acne. Your second cleanser could exfoliate your skin or even just gentle wash your skin.

For my first cleanser I use the Beautycounter cleansing balm. It works so well and is so gentle on your skin. You simple spread a small amount on your face, rub your makeup off, and then wipe it off with a warm rag. I love using these black makeup wash cloths because they don’t show any of the grim!

Then I switch off between two cleansers depending on how my skin is doing. If I’m breaking out, I use this one. If my skin looks great, I use this one because it’s so gentle!

Facial Steamer –

This facial steamer is designed to clear out your pores and stimulate the circulation in your face. This specific steamer has over 1,000 positive reviews and is so incredibly easy to use. By using this steamer to unclog and open up your pores, you are setting skin up to receive the true benefits of the beauty products you use. Often, I will use my charcoal mask after I steam since my pores are so open. Then I proceed with the rest of the regimen.

As far as frequency goes, I typically use the steamer 2-3 times per week. It’s small enough to fit in your cabinet and like I said, it’s so easy to use. You simply plug it in, fill the water up, and press power. Then after it warms up, you can enjoy a 15 minute facial steam. It’s crazy therapeutic!

Serum (Optional) –

I don’t always put on a serum at night, but this is when you would put on a serum if you use one. Occasionally I will use this Vitamin C serum if I’m starting to see some melasma pop up.

Supreme Cream OR Resurfacing Peel –

Once my face is cleansed and I have on my serum, I put on one of two products – either the  Beautycounter Supreme Creme or the Beautycounter Resurfacing Peel. The Resurfacing Peel has legit changed my skin for the better making my pores smaller, my skin tighter, and my complexion more even. It’s the one product I truly couldn’t live without. It can be a bit strong though and because I am prone to dehydrated skin, I only use it every other night.

On my off nights, I use the Supreme Cream with is like an ultra hydrating boost of moisture for your skin. I always think it might be too much, but my skin soaks it up come morning!

Neck Cream –

A small caveat – this product is not a clean beauty product. I’d say 90% of the beauty products I share are clean, but occasionally, I find something that works so darn well that I have to use it. That’s the case here. If you know of a clean neck cream, please let me know because I’d love to try it!

Anyway, I had been using my Supreme Creme on my neck at night for moisturizing purposes, but then I stumbled upon this cream. This cream’s sole purpose is to moisturize your skin to improve it’s elasticity and smoothness and make it more hydrated. It’s thick and a little goes a long way.


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