the best tanning mousse for all skin tones

opalens clean beauty tanning mousse

Hi, babes and happy Saturday! I hope you’re all having an easy going weekend. We will no doubt be spending some of the weekend doing house projects, but I also plan on making time for some self care! One of my favorite “self care” acts lately has been going on walks. I have been loving both my morning walks with my social distance walking buddy and my family strolls in the evening. I’m not going to lie though, since I’ve been in shorts a lot more, I’ve noticed how pale I am! It ain’t pretty!

A couple of weeks ago I started to religiously put on tanning mousse and it’s been a game changer. For starters, I’m not scaring away my neighbors with my ghostly complexion. Seriously though, this self tanner is legit. I was first introduced to Opalens last fall and fell in love with the company. Opalens is a natural skin care line that uses all natural botanical ingredients that leave your skin tan and glowing without having to expose yourself to the sun.


Opalens has 3 main products, a tanning mousse, a body filter, and a face serum, and what originally drew me to their products was the fact that they used natural ingredients. I also loved that their products smell good. Before I share why I love the tanning mousse, I have to briefly mention how much I love their face serum. I added it into my beauty regimen in January and it’s made a big impact on my skin. It both nourishes and tightens your skin and it has started to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for me. I put it on right after my vitamin c serum and right before my moisturizer. I highly recommend it!

opalens clean beauty tanning mousse

left leg: no tanning mousse // right leg: 2 hours after using tanning mousse

the best tanning mouse

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. Y’all, the Opalens tanning mousse is truly the best self tanner I have used to date. Because their tanning mouse is infused with CBD, it nourishes your skin all the while making it a shade darker. I love that the color it provides is super natural looking and very lightweight. I typically apply mine right before bed, and have yet to have a stain on my clothes or sheets from the tanner. Heck yes! It also stays on for a reasonable amount of time. For me the good color lasts for about 5-8 days. Usually on day 5 I can start to tell that I need a little refresh.

how to apply:

Applying the tanning mousse is actually super easy and you can do it all yourself! I highly recommend their tanning mitt as it makes it much easier to apply. The mitt is washable so you can use it over and over again!

  1. Exfoliate – you don’t have to do this, but I’ve found that if I exfoliate prior to putting on the tanning mouse,  it stays a lot longer. This exfoliator is a great option.
  2. Moisturize – I don’t always put lotion on my body prior to tanning, but if I have a really dry area I’ll add a little lotion so my skin is smooth.
  3. Pump and apply – apply 2 pumps of the tanning mousse to your mitt and rub it on in a circular motion. I usually need 2 pumps for each arm and 4 pumps per leg.
  4. Round 2 – I get the best results when I apply twice. I always start from my neck and work my way down and by the time I get to my ankles/feet, my upper body is dry and ready for another coat.
  5. Sleep it off – you’ll start to see color almost instantly, but the full color will be noticeable 6-8 hours after applying. So, if you do it at night you’ll wake up in the morning with a new glow!

If you have any specific questions related to the tanning mousse, just leave them in the comments! I do want to note that this post is not sponsored by Opalens, I simply love their products!!