Why I’m Setting Intentions For The New Year and Not Just Resolutions

Fleurdille's New Year's Intentions

Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here!

Earlier this week I shared my word of the year and today I get to share some of my resolutions and goals for 2023. But before I share my resolutions, I wanted to share the message from my guided meditation yesterday.

Yesterday morning, my guided meditation was about creating intentions instead of resolutions. The meditation guide posited that so often we look at what’s wrong in our lives and use what’s wrong to create goals to fix those things. Our resolutions become “all or nothing.” With this mentality for example, we might make a weight loss goal of “I will completely eliminate gluten from my diet” as opposed to setting an intention such as “I will be more mindful of what I eat.” The former can easily set us up for failure.

Intentions as opposed to resolutions are more compassionate as they don’t tie us to an outcome. When you set an intention you become less critical of yourself if you mess up; you feel a little less guilty. So often if I mess up my goal I feel like I have to quit on the spot because I already proved I was a failure. With an intention however, you can mess up, but begin again without self-judgment.

The guided meditation encouraged us listeners to think about what we wanted to create rather than fix when setting intentions of the new year. And the meditation ended with a quote that I think so perfectly encapsulates this idea, “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman

With all that in mind, in 2023, I want to focus my intentions and energy on created an even better, more aligned version of me rather than set goals wrapped in guilt based on my previous year’s failures.

So, as you read through my intentions and resolutions, I hope you see it through the lens of taking steps and making positive changes and adjustments in my life to help make me the healthiest, most aligned version of “me.”

Fleurdille's New Year's Intentions

Fleurdille’s 2023 Intentions and Actionable Steps:

In true enneagram 1 fashion, I can’t simply create intentions. If I am to remain disciplined throughout the year, I need some actionable steps – a phrase I’m using intentionally. Rather than limiting resolutions, I’m creating some more specific actionable steps to help me follow the intentions I create. These actionable items allow for grace though and are not intended to cause guilt or shame if I take a small step backward.

INTENTION: Be The Healthiest Version Of Myself (Physically and Mentally)

Actionable Steps:

  • meditate daily
  • move my body daily (swim 2-3x/week)
  • limit alcohol intake
  • journal weekly
  • learn which vitamins/supplements to take
  • eat as clean as possible

INTENTION: Learn and Grow

Actionable Steps:

  • read 2 books per month (1 audible and 1 physical)
  • invest my money wisely

INTENTION: Be A More Thoughtful Friend

Actionable Steps:

  • strive for quarterly phone dates with out-of-town friends
  • aim to visit each out-of-town friend once
  • write a note to a friend monthly

INTENTION: Grow As An Entrepreneur

Actionable Steps:

  • launch new business
  • pick one charity to donate to via Fleurdille

INTENTION: Be More Intentional With Family Time

Actionable Steps:

  • pray 3x/week with Travis
  • weekly date nights with Travis (even at-home dates)
  • show Travis love/respect in HIS love language
  • memorize a Bible verse a month with the girls
  • work toward monthly 1:1 dates with the girls