Fleurdille’s 2023 Word Of The Year: Discipline

fleurdille 2023 word of the year

Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here!

Choosing a word for the year is one of my favorite things to do at the start of each new year. I find choosing a “word” as the theme of my year helps me to focus my attention, energy, and goals in the direction I desire to go.

Last year I chose the word “delight” as I had struggled in the previous year to delight in all things – good and challenging. Reflecting back on 2022 with all it’s ups and downs, it’s adventures, and it’s blessings, I can honestly say that I learned to trust God more with every area of our lives; and with that trust in Him, I was able to find joy and delight in all things that came our way.

Over the past few weeks I have been meditating on my life and journaling in search of a word for 2023. The words that came to my mind were words like growth, focus, deliberate, transform, and alignment. But after much reflection, the word I finally landed on was “discipline.”

2022 Word Of The Year: DISCIPLINE

Picking a word like “discipline” feels very enneagram 1 of me, but I truly believe it encompasses exactly what I need in my life right now.

In one sense of the word, I am disciplined. Without discipline, I couldn’t be a mom, supervise speech pathologists, and run a blog. Without discipline, I would struggle with a work-life balance. However, there are some key areas in my life that seem to lack the discipline that would truly benefit me.

One of the main areas I lack beneficial discipline in my life is doing things to be the best version of myself. In 2023 I want to work toward being the best version of myself and that means taking better care of myself both mentally and physically.

It’s true that in 2022 I developed some good habits. I started swimming again, I started pilates, I meditated more often, and tried to be more mindful of my eating. Although these things were all good and I’m so glad I introduced them to my daily life, I was never consistent with them. I lacked the discipline to commit to those things that would make my body feel it’s best.

The result of this lack of discipline has left me feeling less than my best. From periods of no physical activity to no real structure in my diet to not making time to meditate and align with my true self, I haven’t felt like the best version of myself.

It’s funny because the solution seems simple – do the things that I know work. For me that means moving my body daily, consuming minimal alcohol, eating a healthy, balanced diet, meditating daily, and spending time with God. It’s simply true, but without the discipline to do those things consistently, it won’t benefit me.

So, this year I am going to strive to be disciplined to consistently do those things that will benefit me and my family. My main focus is going to be my physical and mental health, but it will also bleed over into other areas of my life. I want to be more disciplined with how I use my time with Fleurdille, to be more disciplined with how I invest in my friends and family, and to be more disciplined with my marriage.

The word “discipline” definitely feels like a challenge for me, but it’s a challenge I’m ready to accept and I can’t wait to see the results from more discipline in my life.