January 2023: Recent Purchases


Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here!

Can you tell there’s a theme with my recent purchases? It seems like I’m gravitating a lot toward neutrals and black. No big shock, I guess.

All of the purchases above I absolutely love. And bonus! Almost everything was purchased on sale or was already super affordable.

I think my most exciting purchase of all those pictured above was the console table. It was out of stock for so long, so when it finally came back in stock I snatched it up as quickly as I could! The price is so good and it really does look so nice in person.

January 2023 Recent Purchases:

  • BLACK SWEATSHIRT – I love this crewneck sweatshirt and sized up one; it’s a great basic!
  • WHITE SCONCES – these are the sconces in our dining room and they’re currently on sale!
  • WHITE SWEATSHIRT – I have this in green (sic’em bears) and just got the white! It’s so comfortable and I always get tons of compliments!
  • BLACK VANS SNEAKERS – I grabbed these during an after Christmas sale and love the look of them.
  • BLACK CONSOLE TABLE – y’all already know I love this little console. It’s from Target of all places, but looks incredibly nice and polished in person.
  • CARD GAME – y’all, we played this game over Christmas and we all loved it. It’s so funny and a great game for kids to play, too!
  • MIRROR – this is the mirror above our bar and I love the texture on it!
  • BLACK BEANIE – I have this in several colors now; I love the smiley face on it.
  • NIKE SNEAKERS – these might be one of my favorite purchases of all time. They’re so fun to wear and super comfortable, too!
  • BLACK CARDIGAN – if you need a good cardigan, this one is very comfortable and affordable!