the best road trip essentials for holiday travel

road trip essentials

The holiday season is here and with that comes travel! Honestly, it’s so exciting that people are traveling again whether that’s by plan or car. For us, we find ourselves taking several road trips during the holidays. We rotate families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so at least one of the holidays each season we travel to Colorado. Although we could fly to see my family, we usually drive as we’re toting gifts to or from our destination!

Because we road trip every year, we’ve developed some favorites over time. These are products we genuinely use and love and I hope you find them helpful for your next road trip.

Road Trip Essentials:


A friend told us about this doodle tablet and it has amazing reviews on Amazon. We are actually planning on gifting these to our girls for our Thanksgiving road trip. I love that it isn’t messy and can be used over and over again!


Travis and I typically listen to podcasts or music via our air pods while our girls watch movies in the back. If you are still holding out on the wireless headphone train, I highly suggest you try it out and enjoy! We both love our air pods.


We invested in a backpack cooler a year or so ago and love it. We have gotten so much use out of ours! It’s a bit larger than a small soft side cooler, which is great for road trips. We pack ours with waters, sparkling water, and any food items that need to stay chilled. Because of the shape, it fits easily in the backseat in between the girls’ bucket seats making it super easy to access.


Oh man, this portable massager is a game changer. If you have a long road trip, I highly recommend it. You can easily plug it into your car and it’s perfect to work out those kinks in your neck!


Y’all know I love a good snack caddy. Last year I ordered this diaper caddy on Amazon and started filling it with snacks for the girls. It’s great for carpooling and just as wonderful for road trips! For my post on how to make a snack caddy, click here.


Although this cooler is made for chilled goods, we use this cooler to store all of our dry goods. It’s easy to carry because of the handle and holds a good amount. It’s also lightweight, so you can easily pass it back and forth in the car.


Our girls get cold easily, so we always have travel blankets in the car. I love blankets like this one because they fold up small and can be stored in your trunk when you get to your destination.


Our girls fall asleep during most of our road trips, so having a travel pillow is key. They’re great for kids or adults!


We try and stay hydrated as best as we can when we take road trips, so you can count on us having at least 4 Yeti’s full of water in our car!