8 Fall Trends You Don’t Want to Miss For 2021

Fall is officially here and there are so many fall trends that you don’t want to miss! As always, there are some trends you’ll really resonate with, some you’ll be daring enough to try, and some you should pass on. The ones I pass one are typically those trends that either don’t fit into my personal style or don’t work with my body type. For example, the whole wear your bra as a shirt trend is just not one I can get on board with. For one, a bra top doesn’t really fit with my everyday feminine style. And secondly, ain’t no body want to see this mama in a bra as a shirt. I’m looking to make friends, not repel people.

I totally remember coveting the day that my InStyle magazine came in mail. I would avidly flip through the magazine and study all the upcoming trends. Nowadays, it’s so much easier to find out the latest trends; simply hop on social media or google “fall trends” and you’ll have endless answers and inspiration.

Because I know mom life is crazy, I thought I’d share with y’all 8 fall trends I’m loving. I styled each trend to give you some inspiration on how to wear it, too!

8 Fall Trends You Don’t Want To Miss:

free people denim top


Denim is a huge trend for fall! We’re used to seeing denim skirts and denim jackets in the fall, but this year’s denim trend goes beyond that. Think denim shirts, denim hats, or denim bags. And don’t hesitate to mix and match and wear your denim pieces together. The denim shirt above is one of my favorite denim pieces for fall. It styles well with most bottoms and it also gives a nod to the wide collar trend.

madewell shirt jacket


We touched on this trend a bit last year, but it’s full force this fall. Not only are we seeing solid color shackets, but we’re also seeing a lot of plaid shackets like this one. Style it over jeans, faux leather leggings, or a mini skirt. Heck, even wear it as a jacket over your dress.

everlane mini dress


Mini dresses are a big fall trend. So often I think women hear the word “mini” and start running. Mini doesn’t have to mean bodycon though. I personally love this $50 mini dress from Everlane. It’s simple, the neckline is super flattering, and it doesn’t have to be skin tight.

black slip dress


This is absolutely one of my favorite trends for fall. I mean what mom wouldn’t like an excuse to wear sneakers with dresses. It’s comfortable, fun, and a little sassy. Three of my go-to sneakers for wearing with dresses are this pair from Madewell, this Adidas pair, and this pair from Everlane.

puff sleeve top


The puff sleeve trend is a great trend because it works well with all body types. This puff sleeve dress from Target has been one of my biggest sellers in October. I also love this top and am waiting on this top to ship!

wide collar top


The big, wide collars are a huge trend for fall. The top pictured was from a little boutique in Dallas, but there are so many options when it comes to wide collars. Much like the puff sleeve trend, we’re seeing wide collars in tops, dresses, and jackets. Have fun with it!

green maxi dress


Bold colors are also a big trend for fall. Typically we see a lot of jewel tones for fall, but this fall any color goals. Specifically, we’re seeing a lot of green. Now, y’all know I don’t do a lot of color, but I decided to give the green a go this year since I can wear it to Baylor games. Sic’em!

white puffer dress


Puffer jackets and puffer vests are definitely a big trend for fall. Now, people typically wear puffer outerwear in the fall and winter, but we’re seeing people elevate these pieces. Layer your puffer vest or jacket over a blouse and skinny jeans or with your favorite dress.