how to make the best snack caddy for carpool

carpool snack caddy

Second grade seems to be the year of carpooling for us. Up until this year, we hadn’t really gotten into carpooling to and from school or to and from activities. But this year it just made sense.

With multiple kids going in different directions and friends in the same boat, we wised up and started to carpool our girls to their activities. We have a standing carpool on Mondays for some of the girls in Emma’s grade that take hip-hop together. Two of the moms alternate taking the girls and I usually pick them up.

Personally, I think it is so fun! I love getting the girls in a more relaxed environment and it’s such a joy to get to know Emma’s friends even more. I didn’t take long for me to realize however, that the other moms were way better at the whole carpool gig than I was.

I’d pick up the girls from hip-hop and they would be full of energy but also super hungry! I felt bad for not having anything for them to eat. I’d offer up gum or life savers, but they weren’t too crazy about that.

About the second or third time this happened the girls informed me that the other moms gave them snacks on the way to hip-hop. Of course, that made total sense! There were probably starving after school. Why hadn’t I thought of bringing snacks? Haha.

Naturally, I immediately changed my game and had a snack for the girls each time I picked them up. Sometimes something healthy, sometimes a salty snack, and sometimes a sweet treat. Having one option was hit or miss though and rarely did I pick something that all 3 girls liked. So, I decided to tweak my carpool snack strategy yet again.

I decided to create some sort of caddy that would hold a variety of snacks. This way, there would always be something for everyone. I’d have snacks to choose from for the carpool girls each week. I’d also have snacks for my own girls for those random moments they exclaim they are starving.

carpool snack caddy

Snack Caddy for Carpool:


Of course the first place I went to order a snack caddy for our carpool girls was Amazon. It was actually harder to choose than I thought because there were so many choices! Ultimately, I wanted something that was small and light enough for me to lift up from my passenger floorboard and put on my console. I also wanted it to be light enough that I could pass it back to the girls in the third row if need be. I ended up choosing this one.


I have to admit that growing up we mostly had healthy snacks. Rarely did we have cheese-its or fritos laying around. In a perfect world, I would have fresh veggies or fresh fruit for snack, but sometimes you just got live a little. So, I packed my snack caddy full of fun snacks. Emma picked out cheese-its, flavor blasted gold fish, pretzels, you name it! We had fun picking out yummy snacks and look forward to sharing them with friends.


I debated being a fun mom and having juice boxes or capri suns. But, all I could think of was juice spilled on the seats and trash from straws on the floor. So, I opted for mini water bottles. They are the perfect size for little girls and they won’t go bad in the car.


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