Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer – Follower Testimonial

revlon one step hair dryer

This is such an exciting post for me because it’s from one of you! And not just one of you, it’s my bestie – Sarah! Several weeks ago when I shared my Revlon Hair Dryer testimonial, Sarah went ahead and bit the bullet and got one for herself. She had been hearing myself and our mutual friend rave about it, and she couldn’t wait a whole month to possibly win one, so she just bought one.

Y’all, the first time she used it she could not stop raving about it, and rather than me try and retell her story, she actually asked ME if she could share it with you guys! In fact, she even took before and after pictures! She’s the best. We thought it would be fun for you guys to see how the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer worked on someone with completely different hair than myself.

Enough from me, here’s Sarah…

“Y’all. I am not usually the type to rave about a product, but I could not stay quiet about this one. I have very naturally curly hair. To style it requires a 3-step process that usually takes me 35-40 minutes. Not only is this a huge time commitment, but also using a blow dryer, straighter, and curling iron every day is damaging to my hair. Then Anna introduced me to the life-changing [literally] Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. I was skeptical at first because my hair is very finicky, and I am used to my routine. Plus I don’t usually spend $50 on a blow dryer, but I would have spent double on this one! In 15 minutes my hair was not just dry, it was smooth and has plenty of volume and curled ends. I did not even need to use my straightener or curling iron!! I was honestly speechless after my first use. It was salon grade styling at home! I immediately threw my blow dyer away – I’ll never go back!”


PS – Don’t forget to enter to win one! Only a week left!


revlon one step hair dryer

after a regular blow out:

revlon one step hair dryer

after using the revlon one-step hair dryer:

revlon one step hair dryerrevlon one step hair dryer