how to dress for less and look chic

hm women chunky sweater set

sweater: hm | skirt: hm | shoes: similar | bag: nordstrom | sunnies: karen walker

Hi, babes! Fall is officially here and that means it’s time for us to have a little wardrobe refresh. Am I right? We’re in the process of flipping closets and seeing what classic pieces we already have, what items we need to donate, and what we may be lacking this season. Y’all know I love me some good basics – they’re timeless and incredibly versatile, but I also love dressing on-trend. The thing is though, I don’t like spending a ton of money each season to look chic and in style.

With a frugal husband (praise the Lord) and a frugal mom (also, praise the Lord), I’ve learned over the years how to dress for less and still look chic and trendy! It takes a bit of work on the front end, but it’s always been worth it! Truthfully, it’s so easy to stay on-trend without having to spend a bunch of money.

how to dress for less & look chic:

  • study trends – I mention this fair amount, but one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to dress chic for less is to study the trends. It’s pretty easy today as there is a lot of content out here, but flip through magazines, scroll through instagram, or hop on pinterest to find the latest trends for the season.
  • price shop – branch out of your comfort zone of stores and do some price shopping. Some of my favorite places to hunt for bargains are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, Old Navy, and H&M.
  • pair with nice shoes – If I’m ever pairing an affordable piece or two like my sweater set (both under $30), then I try to style it with a more expensive item. For example, shoes are a good go-to for nicer items to pair with less expensive pieces. I have several pair of nicer shoes and they go with everything and always dress up a look.
  • add a trendy bag – if you’re looking to stay on trend, but not spend a ton of money, one of the easiest ways to do so is just buy trendy accessories. For example, snakeskin is big this season, so I found this under $50 bag that will go with almost anything and didn’t cost anywhere near a designer bag.
  • walk with confidence – no matter what you’re wearing or how much your outfit is, strut your stuff, girl. My hubby says time and time again that one of the most attractive things about a woman is her confidence. If you’re confidence, kind, and comfortable in your own shoes, you will radiate style.
  • keep your secret – so you nailed it, you got the outfit for less and look like a ten! Girl, don’t go telling everyone your secret! Strut your stuff as if you paid $1000 for that sweater. 😉

hm women chunky sweater sethm women chunky sweater sethm women chunky sweater sethm women chunky sweater set

photography: maribel morales