Paintings by Grace

My husband and I recently purchased our first house, and have had a blast furnishing and decorating it. For me, choosing artwork is such an important part of decorating because I feel that each piece means something, has it’s own story, and is an extension of you. So, when it came to picking artwork for our living room, I wanted it to not only pull the room together, but add value and emotion to the space. I came across a series of 4 floral¬†prints, but wanted a more contemporary feel. So, what did I do? I called up my favorite artist – my¬†sister, Grace, and asked if she would take on the task. She was more than happy to do it & the rest is history!


meet the artist

Grace Dille – my beautiful sister, best friend, talented artist, Kappa sister, and fellow Baylor Bear. Grace is currently a senior at Baylor University majoring in graphic design. She has been creating artwork for years, but has just now started accepting custom jobs. See below for an interview with my sweet sister and check out some of the pictures she has shared with us that depict this project from start to finish.

1. How long have you been painting? I always loved art; I started painting in high school more seriously, but really got into it in college. 

2. What is your favorite medium to work with? My favorite medium to work with is oil paint, although I also like acrylic. I also like good ole fashioned sketching with a pencil and paper. 

3. What inspired you to do this painting? My sister gave me a picture she found of a set of 4 paintings that she wanted. I based these painting after those 4, however mine ended up a little more abstract because that tends to be more my style. 

4. Is your art for sale? Yes, my art is for sale. 

5. If so, where can people purchase your artwork? You can purchase my art by contacting me, gracedille@gmail.com; You can also email me and tell me what you would like and I can let you know the price and give you a timeline.

6. Will you take custom projects in the future? Yes, I will take custom projects.

7. What do you aspire to do when you graduate? Will you continue to paint? I hope I will always continue to paint in my life. After I graduate I plan on going to graduate school either in graphic design, my current undergraduate major, or in painting. After that, well see! 


xo – anna