Piermarini Beauty Line

This post makes me giddy. If you are a lover of make-up & good deals, then you will love Piermarini Boutique‘s new beauty line.


Piermarini is first and foremost a fashion forward boutique in Snider Plaza that strives to bring you clothing from unique designers. All of their clothes are classic black and white pieces that are intended to be pieces that will add to you wardrobe and translate through the seasons and years. Although the clothes are in a league of their own, it’s the customer experience that sets this boutique apart. After talking with the owner last week and several of their most loyal customers, it’s evident that the goal of Piermarini is not to make a sale, but to help each customer find timeless pieces that fit their style and add a little something special to their wardrobe.

Piermarini Boutique recently launched their new skin care and cosmetic line. The owner, John Piermarini, created this beauty line as an extension of his clothing to provide his customers with quality skin care products that were all-natural and affordable. Piermarini’s entire beauty line consists of all-natural ingredients like Water Lily extract, avocado oil, jojoba, vitamin C, vitamin K, and aloe. All of the products are made in the USA and contain SPF to protect against UV rays and prevent aging. None of the products are animal-tested. Do you want to know the best part? All of the skin care and cosmetic products are under $48!


 I had the honor of meeting John last week to see Piermarini’s newly redesigned space and  to try out some of their new beauty products. The Piermarini beauty line consists of skin care and beauty products that range from night creams and moisturizers to lip sticks and foundation all the way to their coveted vitamin C gel.


The two products that wowed me were the lipstick and the vitamin C gel (aka liquid gold). At the beginning of our meeting, John put a little bit of the vitamin C gel (which prevents wrinkles & rejuvinates the skin) on my left hand and then at the end of our meeting he had him feel my hands to compare. Wow. I wish I could tell you how much softer my left hand felt than my right and I only had it on for an hour. John advises his clients to put a couple drops of vitamin C on their face before moisturizer in the morning and then again before applying night cream. Confession: my husband is now just as hooked as I am. 🙂

The other product that really caught my eye was their lip pencil and lipstick. Two of the employees had bright pink lipstick on and boasted that they had not reapplied or touched up their lipstick for over 4 hours. Besides the long lasting quality of the lipstick, you should read some of the names! They are so fun, ranging from “please call” to “just tonight” to “the other woman” to “double date.”


LIP STICK TRICK: While there, I learned that if you apply lip pencil to your entire lip and then cover with lipstick, your lipstick will last infinitely longer! Who knew?


To see their full skin care & cosmetic line, please visit Piermarini Boutique in Snider Plaza and be sure to stop by their website to learn more of what they are all about!

xo – anna