Tailgating with an Infant


Nothing screams fall quite like football season, am I right? Okay, a couple other things do come to mind like Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, booties, scarves, and fall candles. BUT, football is definitely a big part of it! My husband and I – both Baylor Bears, are huge Baylor football fans. For us, Baylor football season used to be defined by a short drive to Waco, visiting our favorite restaurants, reminiscing about the good ole college days, and cheering on our Baylor Bears. However, several things have changed in the past year like our new stadium (wowzers, y’all) and…oh, yea, a baby!

Last weekend was the first time we braved the tailgating scene with an infant. I take that back…we took her once last year, but she was only 3 months old, so she slept the whole time. Anyway, it was quite the adventure last weekend and it really got me thinking: is there an easier way to tailgate with an infant? Are there products that I should have brought with me? Our tailgating experience went well, but I did a little research to bring you some neat items for tailgating that just might make things a little easier for you and your little one.


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Caio! Baby Portable Travel High Chair: We didn’t have anything as neat as this last weekend, but for those evening games that interfere with your little one’s dinner time, this would be a great way to easily feed your little tot. We fed Emma on the go, but I think this would be much easier. It would also help you keep track of your babe. 😉 Click here to read reviews on and order this product.

Baby Bjorn: We DID bring this and I am so glad we had it. We used our baby bjorn to walk from the tailgate into the game. In our mind, it was the best way to move quickly and keep Emma close. Sometimes a stroller, even an umbrella stroller, can be too bulky when you’re walking amidst a big crowd of people.

PeaPod Infant Travel Bed: So, what do you do when tailgating occurs during your baby’s nap time? No need to stress. This travel bed not only provides a private space for your little one to sleep, but it is created to allow good airflow, which is key if you live in a state like Texas. This travel bed also folds up nicely and only weighs 2.5 pounds.

Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit: I’m not going to lie, I am probably more relaxed when it comes to germs than I should be. I will change Emma anywhere (without my changing pad :/). BUT, if you are concerned about germs – as you totally should be, a portable changing kit makes so much sense. NOTE: your diaper bag may already come with one, but if not, this is a great one!

KidCo Go-Pod Baby Activity Seat: Okay, so you’ve got your snacks, your water, and your stroller for your little guy, but what do you do when they get bored, which is probably after 5 minutes of being at a tailgate? Trav and I were lucky in that Emma is obsessed with ice, so she played with ice in a cooler the majority of the time, but if we had known about this activity seat, we would DEFINITELY have invested in it! It’s a perfect way to keep your child occupied and keep track of him or her.

Food: lots of water, snacks & stackable snack holders, stackable formula containers if this applies to you, an on-the-go cooler & ice pack,

What to pack in your diaper bag: hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream (it’s hot out here, which means sweaty bums), sunscreen, a bucket hat, some toys, a min fan or mister, and a change of clothes.

What are your tailgating necessities with kids? I am a new mamma and would love to know your tips & tricks!


EG’s skirt outfit: short sleeve lace overlay tee | corduroy skirt | pistachio avrie blue moccosins

EG’s baylor outfit: nike cheerleading dress set | keen ‘whisper’ sandal

xo – anna & emma grace