My Favorite Christmas Gifts for All the Women in My Life

james avery sterling silver earrings

Hi loves and happy Wednesday! Are you guys finally finished with your Christmas shopping or are you still hunting down those last few gifts. If you follow me on instagram than you know I was at the mall earlier this week getting my last few gifts from James Avery. I was dreading going to the mall at such a busy time of year, but I my experience with James Avery’s customer service was such a sweet reminder of why I love this brand and have my whole life.

As I briskly walked into the mall, I was greeted by a James Avery employee with a warm smile. She kindly asked if she could help me find something without making me feel like she was trying to push a product. I told her the gifts I needed and my name was called to the counter to retrieve my items within minutes. The woman behind the counter was kind, engaging, and had me out the door in minutes. It as the epitome of efficiency and warmth. My experience was exactly the experience everyone craves and needs during the holidays.

james avery sterling silver earrings

James Avery is a family-owned company that has been around for as long as I can remember (1954 to be exact). I grew up with this family and love that my girls are growing up with it, too. I remember I got my first cross necklace from James Avery when I was 13 and charms for my charm bracelet for every special occasion. This past summer we started Emma Grace on her first James Avery charm bracelet and it’s been so neat to see the charms she’s collecting that tell her own story.

What I love about James Avery jewelry is that it’s timeless and unique; each piece was originated by skilled artisans in the Texas Hill Country and created to celebrate life. The neat thing about their jewelry is that there’s something for everyone, truly. There’s something for every age, every jewelry style, and every budget. I was able to purchase Christmas gifts this year for my mom, my aunt, and my daughter – Emma Grace. All three have very different styles and their jewelry tells very different stories.

james avery sterling silver earrings

For my mom I bought a dainty, classy pair of earrings. I grew up watching my mom wear sterling silver James Avery hoops and french clips. I can hardly remember an image of my mom without either of them. She wears their sterling silver earrings with grace and class. It suits her. This year I opted for the “dangle crescent ear hooks.” They are a fun, elegant pair of earrings that could easily be worn with a chunky knit sweater or dressed up for a black tie event. They’re classy and timeless. They are true to my mom’s personal style, and I hope they’re a big hit come Christmas morning!

james avery artisan jewelry charm

For my daughter, Emma Grace we wanted to continue to add to her charm bracelet. She has truly embraced the true meaning of Christmas this year, so we wanted something Christmas themed. Y’all, just yesterday on our walk we were talking about what toys were on her Christmas list. I chimed in to say that our lists are just “wish lists” and it doesn’t mean we get everything on our list. Before I could even finish my sentence, she interrupted me to tell me that she doesn’t care about gifts. The real reason she loves Christmas is that she gets to be with her family, show love, and because she loves Jesus. Cue the tears, right? So, for her next charm we chose the “Adorned Christmas Tree Charm” and can’t wait to see her be surprised by this gift!

Juxtaposed to my little charm bracelet novice is a charm bracelet veteran – my sweet Aunt. She has had her charm bracelet for year, decades maybe, and I love the stories she can tell simply by the charms on her bracelet. This year we are so excited to add to her story by gifting her the charm of her home town. There are so many incredible memories she has made and will continue to make in Fort Worth. It’s a city that is so near and dear to her heart and I love that when she looks at her charm in years to come she will be reminded of the many beautiful memories she’s made!

I’m so thankful for a store that values the same things I do and that values their customer. I love this quote about James Avery jewelry because I think it does a great job of explaining what they represent:

“James avery is more than jewelry. It’s a symbol of faithfulness and the comfort of strong held beliefs. It’s a means to hold them close when they are far away. It’s saying I love you everyday.”

So if you’re still looking for some last minute gifts or even something for a special occasion, check out James Avery – you are sure to find someone for every woman in your life!

james avery sterling silver earringsjames avery artisan jewelry charm

photography: fort lion studio

This post was created in collaboration with James Avery. All picks and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.